Games and Whiskey #23 - Feeling Old

I couldn't find my stylus so I had to draw this on my comic strip notepad.

Project Gameboy Cover - 013 - Aguri Suzuki F-1 Super Driving

I didn't do very well on this one.

Comic Strip Notepad

I "invented" these comic strip notepads. 50 pages of comic strip panels for when you don't have your tablet or notebook. While it's not difficult to draw these boxes in a notebook, just having them there ready for your comic ideas seems to be easier.

I'll probably put these up as an Indie GoGo campaign so I can get a bunch made at once.

Comic - Walking in the Rain

True story. Fortunately there was a security guard on duty to let me in.

My car is about four blocks away.

Games and Whiskey #22 - War

I'm ashamed I used this joke.

Purchase: God of War on

Project Gameboy Cover - 012 - Aerostar

It's been a little while! Aerostar is a top-down shmup where the player is able to change their altitude, traveling on roads or in the sky. Never played this one growing up. Published by Vic Tokai.

WIP - Desktop Scene Thing

I've been thinking about this "desktop scene" toy for a while now. Finally got some time to drill some holes and put it together. It's always interesting to see how my calculated plans on paper don't seem to work out very well in real life.

The idea here is a base with holes where a figure can be fixed. I use the term "figure" loosely. It's probably closer to a flat cutout with a peg on the bottom. Then you attach a backdrop to the last row of holes and you've got a tiny desktop scene.

Right now the pegs are simply toothpicks taped to some paper. What I'd like to ultimately do is get laser cut pieces and laser etched pieces to go into the holes.


Comic - Mega Man

He's all like, "No, thanks. You can keep it."

Cupcake Cry

Drawing my friend's daughter. She's crying. That's okay.

The Process of Traced Images (Shen Style)

I thought I'd share the process that I use to do those "realistic looking drawings". It's more a craft than an art. It's tracing and then inking. The hardest part, and this will come from practice, is ultimately choosing which pieces to trace and then how to ink it. Color choice is also important. I've learned that for me that solid colors and rare usage of shadows and highlights gives the best results.

Anyhow, just keep at it if this is the type of craft you like. I certainly don't claim it to be fine art in any way. Again, I've just become adept with the tools that I have.