115 - Bottle Opener with Magnet

On a completely random whim, Josie picked up a bear shaped bottle opener and rare Earth magnet for a cool bottle opener / bottle cap catcher device. She had seen one on Etsy, we talked about it briefly, and she bought the pieces.

This one is for a friend who is visiting. I stained the wood, screwed this stuff in, and now he can do whatever he wants with it. I hope one of those things will be safely bring it on the plane and the second thing is I hope he opens a beer with it.

114 - Paper Pinwheels

Starting cutting out some paper pinwheels templates for Jasper's small birthday party. They're doing a get together on Wednesday and these were on the list of requested items a la Josie. Fun times. Can't wait to see them with the little pinwheel bits!

113 - ASWG Solitaire Card Game

I sat down and tried out the original concept of my head-to-head wrestling card game and didn't like it. While it's difficult to properly play a head-to-head game by yourself, overall the mechanics just felt kind of boring. I changed things up a bit and started crafting a solitaire experience. Small goals feel like the norm for solitaire games, playing against the randomly distributed cards and doing the best you can with what you got. Losing doesn't feel as a big a deal.

In this game, the deck of cards you play with represent the ebb, flow, move sets, and pacing of the two wrestlers in the match. The five pairs of cards on the top represent the spots you are trying to achieve for the match (every match has five spots). With the five cards in your hand, you are trying to manipulate them to equal the sum of the pair your are currently on.

I'm not doing the best explaining the game rules at the moment, but that's because I'm still working out the kinks of scoring. I will say, however, I've played five games and enjoy it way more than anything else I've built for this series. Perhaps I have a winner or at least a participation award.

112 - Built a Fence

Oliver's preschool has mandatory maintenance days. There are only a handful for the school year and I had to in today to fulfill my obligation. Turns out the last maintenance of the year, this one, is always the toughest one. Makes sense as most projects that could be pushed off did to this day.

The lot of us build a fence. I think there were 163 slats. I wielded the nail gun for over an hour. Whew!

111 - Zelda Breath of the Wild

The first time I've ever completed a Zelda game. Whew!

110 - Bad Ass Ribs

I made some bad ass ribs tonight. I've never considered removing the membrane on the underside before, but it really helped. I'll be keeping this one in my cookbook for sure.

Ultimately a 2.5 pound rack of baby back ribs, membrane removed, salt and peppered, tightly wrapped in foil in a roasting pan, in the oven for four hours at 275 F. Afterwards you put it on broil for 4 minutes with BBQ sauce.

109 - LEGO Nights

Oliver and I have been staying up past his bedtime building LEGOs. I have to admit I am okay with this. Tonight we had random pieces and the theme was to build a monster for a villain.

108 - ASWG More Stuff

Got some time to spend with a coworker who is also a tabletop enthusiast. He helped me iron out some details and provide some alternative ideas to how to approach my wrestling game.

Instead of players winning spots, they win VPs within the spot. So different spots are worth different VPs. This means even if you win more spots, you may still have fewer VPs.

If you overshoot the goal, then you automatically lose the spot. Who it affects, meaning who takes injury tokens, depends on the spot. So if there is a "Frog Splash" spot, overshooting does damage to the player that overshot (they missed their target by jumping too far). If there is a "Discus Punch", overshooting does damage to the opponent of the player that overshot (hit too hard). The number of injury tokens is calculated by how far the player overshot. I will need to determine an equal number of cards that thematically fit both sides.

Some cards may have a time limit, which means the number of cards to hit the goal. This is definitely an optional requirement, but a big bonus is given to the player that is able to do this. Maybe it comes in the form of extra VPs or an extra card to draw on the next spot or the opponent having one less card to play or something.

107 - ASWG Card Game Progress

Been working on my card game some more. I ditched the time-based action game in favor of one that has players trying to build and execute good matches.

Right now the purpose is for players to each play a card, hoping the sum reaches the goal listed on the "Spot" card and within the number of cards required. Example: the Powerslam Spot requires a total of 12 - 15 within 5 cards. The player who achieves the goal first is the one who wins the Spot.

Players also have to work together to make sure the Spot is successful, regardless of who actually wins it. The match itself has a VP goal. Each successful Spot gives VPs. So even if you win more Spots than your opponent, if the match itself does not reach its VP goal then both players lose. I'm still working this part out.

106 - Happy Easter

We put together a little Easter egg hunt for the boys. Actually, Josie did most of the work. I just stood around and pointed distracted them while Josie scattered eggs about the yard. They seemed pretty thrilled with the whole thing, now consistently asking for jelly beans to eat.