Games and Whiskey #35 - Pay Day

Heroes always be stealing from them poor monsters. They got bills to pay too.

Illustration - Eye On You

For my kids.

Hondenkat Engine - Happy Friends Museum Room

Only through the construction of a virtual museum do I find it painfully evident that any museum that I would curate and design would be extremely boring.

I suppose it needs neon E3 lights or something.

Hondenkat Engine - Hondenkat Decoder

I did something pretty cool today. I created a tool for my game tool! The level editor in the engine spits out level layouts as an encoded string. I can run a console command to give me the raw data, but then I have to go through and manually format it into the way the levels are stored (9x9 two-dimensional array). That's a lot of busy work. The console command also only works when I have the actual IDE open because I don't spit the log out as an actual file.

Now with this application I can just take the encoded string and it will give me the formatted level array with a touch of the button. That means I can run the Hondenkat Engine by itself, or on a tablet, and still do level creation on the go.

Much excite!

Hondenkat Engine - Museum Info #3

This will probably be the last one I post so people can experience it inside the game.

Hondenkat Engine - Happy Friends Plinth and Info

So here are some blown up (4x) shots of the plinths in the museum. When you walk up into one of these plinths, it will open up the detailed dialogue box. This will show an original piece of art with a small description.

The only museum room will showcase the different Animal Crossing releases (N64, GC, DS, 3DS) as well as some accessories (e-Reader, cards). There will also be a separate room showcasing the new Happy Home Academy and NFC reader (for those with old 3DS systems like me).

Hondenkat Engine - Happy Friends Museum Poster


Hondenkat Engine - Happy Friends Museum

I was able to make considerable progress in my new Hondenkat Engine game. The plan is to have this ready in time for the release of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Academy. It's basically a small museum dedicated to the history of Animal Crossing and accompanying accessories over the last decade+.

There will also be another secret room in the game where if someone finds it, they will be able to win a nice prize.

This one will include a handful of levels as well as the museum section of the game. It will also allow the user to switch between avatars. These little one-off tiles are becoming staples in the engine and it's quite exciting!

Comic - Resume Builder

Your objective fits you perfectly into our open "project manager" role.

Games and Whiskey #34 - Game Releases

No matter how many game releases come out in a timeframe, you'll be dead in 100 years.

Link: Games and Whiskey #34