Hondenkat Engine - Tablet Controls, Cleaner Level Import

I was able to spend some time working on the core engine a little bit and was able to do some things that have been bugging me for a while!

Tablet Controls:
The game now supports tablet controls! Most people (including myself) hate virtual d-pads, but I couldn't think of a better way to deal with controls for this type of game. Maybe I could implement swipe? Fortunately the game is turn based, which means a virtual d-pad should hopefully involve minimal headaches.

Cleaner Level Import:
When you copy and paste a custom level for others to play, it's basically a 250+ character string without line breaks. It also only accepts custom levels for import in the same way. I was able to code it so it will remove all line breaks prior to decoding the string for level import.

Look at the length of that string!
Now capable of accepting line breaks!

Ghosts in the Library - Avatar and Shelves

I'm starting to work on my next Hondenkat Engine game: Ghosts in the Library. I'm pretty sure just a quick glance will reveal which license heavily influences the game (it's Spongebob).

No new mechanics in this version of the engine, though it will include the "Edit Mode" which will allow players to import their own custom levels. I also plan to add a little bit more animation and tweening for the sprites so the game feels a little bit more alive.

Below you will see the new guard/ghosts in the game. She used to be a librarian.

I'm also drawing the sprites (as I should have done before) at a larger scale and shrinking them down to size. I can get a bit more detail without worrying about drawing with a super thin brush (using 8px vs a 2px brush).


Happy As a Clam

I was reading a book to my son the other day and there was a clam on the page. I then thought of that saying "happy as a clam".

I'm quite confident this joke has been done a million times already.

Intuos 2 Doesn't Open in Mac OS X Yosemite

Did you just update your Mac OS X to Yosemite and noticed that your Wacom settings don't work anymore? In my case I have an Intuos 2 and I get "Could not load Wacom Tablet preference pane". Bummer, right?

Here's something you can try to see if you can get the pane working again.

1. Make sure the Wacom drivers are completely removed via the Wacom Tablet Utility app.
2. Download and install the legacy drivers (Driver 6.2.0-w4 for Mac OS X) at Wacom's Site
3. Change the System Preferences to open up in 32-bit mode (see below)

After you do this you should be able to open up the panel! Make the changes you need and then export the preferences from the Wacom Tablet Utility for future use (you know, when it stops working in the next Mac update). My biggest settings change is making sure the tablet forces proportions. Also make sure to uncheck 32-bit mode when you're done. This will, however, stop the pane from working though the settings should be saved.

Hope this works for you!

Comic - The River Crossing Puzzle

For those with newborns, you'll understand this predicament very well. Everyone else is sleeping and you just want to get something done for yourself. Maybe you want to play a game or read a book, but the things you need are in different places and the little guy/girl just fell asleep.

Truth be told, what I did was basically carry Jasper with me with each trip. I also guess the comparison to the "River Crossing Puzzle" isn't perfect. There isn't a fear that the computer is going to eat Jasper.

Hondekat Engine - Chasing

Mr. Goh outsmarting Death!

Hondenkat Engine - Validating and Sharing Levels

I'm in the process of swapping out some of the original Onion Knight artwork with some more generic artwork to release in the downloadable builds of the Hondenkat Engine Editor & Player. What these screenshots show (as well as video below) is how creating a custom level works and how you validate it.

Validating a level means you actual test it out and have a solution. If you try to share a level that hasn't been validated this way then you're still able to load it, but you don't get the "VALIDATED LEVEL" text or the "GOAL" text in the top-right.

If you're curious, this level's share code is:

If you copied and pasted that into the game, you would be able to play it! There's still a few loose ends to tie up in terms of artwork as well as coding some new behaviors for existing tiles. I'm hoping to have this soon.


Marvel Mighty Heroes Roster Checklist and Stats

Link to the Google Doc: Marvel Mighty Heroes Roster Checklist and Stats

This is a living document and will continue to change as I play the game. It's important to note that the game changes base and max stats as soon as a rarer costume is obtained, thus making the preservation of "base maximum stat" data difficult to obtain.

I'm hoping, at the very least, this document provides useful to some. The game is average, but I'm enjoying myself playing it. That's what matters, right?

If you have screenshots or images of when you get new characters for the first time, I'd love to see them. They always show the potential maximum stats of that character with that costume.

Hondenkat Engine - New Avatar and Crates

Spent some time the last few days to implement some new features. The most exciting piece was the new "crate" tile. The player is now able to push/kick these around like the crates in Sokoban. Getting the crate to render wasn't the hard part, it was figuring out how it would interact with things like the guards and other objects.

Ultimately I decided that you could basically block of a guard's movement with a crate. You could also trap them against a wall and ultimately squish them. Fun times ahead!


Hondenkat - Editor Mode

I've been working on the "editor mode" for the engine. This will allow players to create and load custom levels using the tile set built into the game!

One of the things I'm making sure to do is to add a "validated level" condition. What this means is once you test your level and make it the exit while collecting all three stars, you will be given a validated export code to share with your friends. When someone loads this they will know for certain that this level was actually completed in the number of steps listed.

I'm pretty excited as this is the second time I've ever worked on an "editor mode" for a game I've made. Both a feature and a tool!