Illustration: Ben's Brew

Made my old coworker look a lot like Liam Neeson.

Anyone want their own beer label?

Hondenkat - Sprint 20150216 Plans

I'm going to work on a handful of new levels and try to work on the "collection" guide. The collection guide is essentially a fancy way to look at a list of pre-determined items and if they've been acquired or not.

The image above is level two of the game. There's currently three levels in the game.

I'm thinking of doing a "preview" version of the game by skinning it with a brand of a show that's coming out soon. An example would be doing a Game of Thrones themed version of this game with a few levels just to show the engine works. Hopefully it brings some interested onlookers!

Hondenkat - Sprint 20150209 Progress

This week has been pretty fruitful in terms of progress! While I haven't made the five specific levels I had originally planned, I was able to put in all the placeholders and logic that makes all of that make sense. I also made a few system changes and additions that allow for a master overlay sprite to be generated, which includes the "Level Complete" screen you see.

I also was able to do some work on the save file system. It now actually pulls up the stars array, which stores how many stars have been earned on all of the levels. In the video you see that finishing the first level with three stars now shows three stars on the level select screen upon reentry.

Final Club Nintendo Game Downloads (North America)

For those who are in the know, they are shutting down the Club Nintendo North America branch of things. They're supposed to come out with a new club, but no one knows exactly when and what it will entail. Remember to use your points by June 30th, 2015! They've put up all of the games they made available before for coin-to-purchase download!

I wish I had just 45 more points. I want that HarmoKnight.


Hondenkat - Sprint 20150209 Plans

It's good to keep myself honest with the progress of this game! I plan on building five or so levels for the first world. I also plan to be able to save this completion data (i.e. how many stars collected per level) and then pull it up with the stars rendering I got working last week.

I'd also like to be able to pull up a really rudimentary console (via the ~ of course) that would allow me to reset the save data.

Good luck!

Games and Whiskey #26 - Tetris

The secret joke panel would be Marvel's Apocalypse holding the Gameboy and saying, "I don't even like Tetris."

Hondenkat - Sprint 20150202 Video

Wanted to share some video of the teleportation and star tiles at work.

The teleportation tiles currently don't have an animation attached to them. The player just shoots across from one to the other. The plan is to actually have a small poof of smoke/dust before the player appears on the corresponding paired teleportation tile. It's cool to see where you're going though.

The stars were originally going to just be "collect one and it ticks up the stars unlocked". Then I thought about one of my favorite games Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and how they deal with the diamonds on each level. The reason having unique stars is that it allows people to ask "how did you get Star #2" and others will know exactly what they're talking about.

My plans for next week are to add star counters on the level select screen and to create just a level or two to see if they work. This means adding exits to story levels!

Hondenkat - Teleport Tiles and Stars

The teleport tiles and star tiles have been created! When you enter a teleport tile you get teleported to its matching pair. Teleport tiles are organized by color. Also on a map are star tiles. Collecting these grants you the different star ratings for each level.

I have a few more ideas for tiles before I start mapping out levels, such as pusher tiles and enemies that chase you around.

Comic - Spicy

I really do enjoy some spicy foods though.

Games and Whiskey #25 - Professor Layton and The Ring