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Coin Tokens - Crown (heads) and Skull (tails)

Did some coin artwork for a game designer heading out to Gen Con this year.

Hondenkat Engine - Video Game Museum Tile Set

I've started work on my next game powered by the Hondenkat Engine. I'm going to try my hand at a small video game museum where the player explores the few rooms of a small local museum. I may do some levels too, but my bigger task is to create a piece of interactive media that doesn't necessarily have this "solve this puzzle" mechanic.

When you approach and run into an exhibit item, like the mushroom on the plinth, the game will pop up a more detailed rendering and description of the item. It's like going through an annotated photo slideshow, but takes longer because you physically have to walk to each thing.

When I describe it that way it sounds awful. Lololol.

My Complaint to McDonald's - Resolution

They called me.

"Hi Alexander, this is Debbie from McDonald's customer service and following up on a message I received regarding your visit to our San Ramon McDonald's location yesterday morning and it indicated that they neglected to put in your order of hash browns in the bag.

So, I am so sorry that they did that and I do wanna let you know, I forwarded that message on to the management over there so they will be aware of the error made to your order and be able to address that issue with the employees that are putting together.

I have your mailing address again so I will go ahead and I'm going to pop a coupon in the mail for you to get a breakfast sandwich on us. And again, I do apologize for that error. You Have a great day now. Bye bye."

That's nice and everything, but a coupon for a free breakfast sandwich? They forgot the hash browns again. That was the whole point of the complaint.

...I should complain again.

My Complaint to McDonald's

I sent this complaint to corporate via their website this afternoon. Let's see if they write back.

This is just a complaint about a wrong order: I ordered a #2 with a medium black coffee and a boy's Happy Meal toy. I received the food promptly in the traditional brown bag. Because I drive to work, I didn't actually check the bag until I was well on my way.

When I opened up the bag I noticed that I did not receive a hash brown. I was deeply saddened by the lack of fried potato in my bag. I clumsily searched the bag with my right hand, moving the Nerf frisbee toy out of the way, and found nothing but hot air and napkins next to my sausage sandwich.

The hash brown is, possibly, the best part of this meal. I wouldn't mind just having a combo meal that was three hash browns.

Anyway, just wanted to note that I was stiffed my hash brown and the rest of my drive to work was done in complete silence. I commute over an hour to work each way, so it was a very long silence.

Hondenkat Engine - Custom Graphics

I added some new functionality to the desktop client for the Hondenkat Engine. Specifically the game will now look for a folder in the same directory called "import". Inside this directory it will look for a handful of different file names, like "star1.png" or "avatar_animated.swf". What this does is if it can find that file, it will load that file into the game instead of using what's already compiled into the game.

What this will allow is for players to import their own graphics so their gameplay experience can be better suited for puzzle solving! Right now the only graphics available to the player are:
  • The game board
  • The stars to collect (3)
  • The walls
  • The player's avatar - animated
  • The player's avatar - static
The game will prioritize an animated SWF file over a static image in terms of the avatar.

I'm hoping simple tilesets will emerge from the player base as this app continues to grow!


Hondenkat Engine - E3 1915 Press

Just wanted to make a quick note of the nice press that I got from E3 1915. I got the Daily 4th over at Newgrounds and even got a mention over at It's certainly encouraged me to continue with the project.

I also had some time to update the site to start introducing the promised functionality and new themes for the games.

My next plans are to pick a handful of the assets in the Hondenkat Engine and externalize them. I'll probably start with the avatar, the ghost, the wall, and the stars. This way any experience can feel like a custom one.

Hondenkat Engine - E3 1915 Daily 4th on Newgrounds

Not bad, Shen! Daily 4th on Newgrounds! I guess there are people out there who enjoy this type of game... enough.

See for yourself:

Hondenkat Engine - E3 1915 Released

You can go play it here! Have fun! I'll be uploading to the Google Play store shortly. It plays pretty okay on my Generation 1 Asus Nexus 7.

Official Link: Hondenkat Engine - E3 1915

Hondenkat Engine - E3 1915 Announcement

I will be releasing my new Hondenkat Engine powered game E3 1915 on Monday. This will be just in time for E3! I'm excited this year as it really feels like a wonderful year to be a Wii U owner. Ah, I digress!

For those unfamiliar with the engine, it is a top-down turn-based puzzle engine that puts players on a 9x9 grid to collect all of the "stars" (newspapers, in this case) and reach the exit before they reach their move limit. This was actually a traditional board game pitch I made (and spectacularly failed), and converted into a digital game since I felt it was still a fun experience. Since then I've been adding new and more features to the engine for the last 6+ months.

This historically fictional game takes place 100 years ago at one of the earliest E3 events in America. You are a news reporter trying to find a scoop to print in the newspaper to increase readership. Along the way you will run into booth women dressed in the latest fashion who will hand you free promotional items. Maybe if you collect all the items and get "3 stars" on every level you will access a hidden bonus? MAYBE..

The game will feature 10 levels as that's what my schedule of being a new dad (2nd time around!) allows me to do. Not to mention I did a full reskin and added some animated elements, which differs from the previous release The Onion Knight. This version also includes the fabled custom level player. You'll now be able to play more levels even when you complete this game! Also keep your eyes peeled to the main website for more details.

While I finish up some of the not fun things (creating icon sets for Android APK export, for example), I hope you enjoy and enjoyed the screenshots. See you Monday!

The game will be available as a Mac download and an Android APK.