Angry Pavement - Cactus Patch and Rocks

I had to make a very deliberate effort to make sure none of the cactuses looked like penises.

Angry Pavement - Car Graveyard

This was both a pain and fun to draw today.

Angry Pavement - Distance Card and Item Card

Decided to go a little different in limiting the "textured backgrounds" and colors for the cards.

Angry Pavement - Distance Card

You saw it here first, folks. My upcoming Max Max: Fury Road inspired card game called "Angry Pavement" is in the works! Expect a BGG entry soon with downloadable print-and-play rules!

Comic - Tattoo Fixer

I always thought it was funny when people get tattoos fixed and they decide to just make a giant black rectangle out of it. I mean I've seen some really nice touch ups and fixes, but the black rectangle just feels lazy.

I imagine what happens after this one is he just makes it a bigger black rectangle.

Hondenkat Engine - Fixing Depth Sorting

It's a little hard to tell, but I've finally fixed this dumb depth sorting thing going on in the game. I was having an issue figuring out depth of objects because both entities and the player move around. Now a player can walk around freely and have the map in front of it overlap and overlap the map behind it.

This will allow for map tiles that are taller than the 64 pixels show up properly.

This wouldn't be a problem if the entire map and player were redrawn on every step. Since the map is only drawn once (at the beginning of the stage load), editing the depth of the player is the key.

Anyway, all this does is allow for more dynamic looking maps, which will be useful in the upcoming virtual museum game.

Comic - Painting

I hate painting rooms. The preparation, the doing, the messing up, the clean up... ugh. The worst.

Games and Whiskey - The Magic of Splatoon


Coin Tokens - Crown (heads) and Skull (tails)

Did some coin artwork for a game designer heading out to Gen Con this year.

Hondenkat Engine - Video Game Museum Tile Set

I've started work on my next game powered by the Hondenkat Engine. I'm going to try my hand at a small video game museum where the player explores the few rooms of a small local museum. I may do some levels too, but my bigger task is to create a piece of interactive media that doesn't necessarily have this "solve this puzzle" mechanic.

When you approach and run into an exhibit item, like the mushroom on the plinth, the game will pop up a more detailed rendering and description of the item. It's like going through an annotated photo slideshow, but takes longer because you physically have to walk to each thing.

When I describe it that way it sounds awful. Lololol.