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Oliver Doing the Moonwalk

If you want to see and hear the appropriate song to go with this gif, check out GifSound. That one is pretty good.

This was the original image.

Comic - Daycare

Not a true story. Thought about it though.

Professor Layton - Instant Insanity Blocks

I had an opportunity last night to print out and adhere the faces onto my Professor Layton themed Instant Insanity puzzle game cubes. I think they're a nice fan-made addition to my small Professor Layton collection. Funnily enough, I really didn't care for the 3DS incarnations with their panning and zooming environments.

The premise of the puzzle is that each cube has a mix of one of four icons on each face. Your goal is to stack these four cubes vertically so that each face that is showing a different face (four faces showing per cube as you can't see the top or bottom face). As I mentioned in yesterday's post, it's much like Sudoku where each line has to have something different.

Apparently this is all based on the Polya Enumeration Theorem. I haven't had to time to actually read this article, but it explains how one create their own with different patterns on the cubes.

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Professor Layton Instant Insanity

I was reading a book about creating your own wooden puzzles at home when I came across this old 1900s puzzle known as Instant Insanity. It basically has four dice, each side with one of four colors (there are doubles on some of the sides). The goal is to stack them vertically so each face in a vertical line has a different face showing. Think Sudoku with dice faces.

I decided what would be more fun than to put my favorite puzzle professor on it. It's the type of puzzle you'd see in the game and thought it a good fit.

I'll post another picture once I attach these onto the cubes themselves.

Games and Whiskey Comic - Uncharted


Custom Toy - Luigi Death Stare

For my friend's birthday, I painted up the face of an old Luigi Mario Kart toy I had and made it into the Luigi Death Stare face. I then put it under a small glass dome display. Turned out pretty neat.

We also played at least six cups that evening in Mario Kart 8. I am extremely terrible that game.

Comic - Not an Owl

True story. I thought to myself, "Oh, an owl. I think Oliver would like an owl. Sure, why not?"

That is not an owl.

Glamor Shots: Circuit Board and 10 Square

Here are are two glamor shots for my board game entries for the recent "Who's Got Game?" Marbles Brain Store contest. Here's to hoping my games (or at least one of them) make it to the finals. August 4th can't come soon enough!

Let me know if you're interested in learning how to play these games.

Cutting Peppers


Prototype: Platformer

With the wonderful tutorial over at Emanuele Feronato's website, I've started to clean up and tweak the code to work on my very own platformer. I've always wanted to do one, but always had the hardest time figuring out collision on the side of walls while jumping or falling.

The code itself is pretty straight forward, but there's a number of places that hard code entity placement based on the width or height of said entity. Since I don't want to use a 18px tall sprite for the player, for example, I had to make it so it was taking in the width and height of the actual sprite and compare it against the tile size. It wasn't hard, I just had to track it down in all the spots it was happening (keys, coins, enemies, player).

Anyway, the goal is to make a platformer like the one built into Alien Hominid. The theme would be Sadie rescuing me and other Shen family members from Mr. Peterson (the jealous cat that pees on things).

This game will come out one day.