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Prototype: Platformer

With the wonderful tutorial over at Emanuele Feronato's website, I've started to clean up and tweak the code to work on my very own platformer. I've always wanted to do one, but always had the hardest time figuring out collision on the side of walls while jumping or falling.

The code itself is pretty straight forward, but there's a number of places that hard code entity placement based on the width or height of said entity. Since I don't want to use a 18px tall sprite for the player, for example, I had to make it so it was taking in the width and height of the actual sprite and compare it against the tile size. It wasn't hard, I just had to track it down in all the spots it was happening (keys, coins, enemies, player).

Anyway, the goal is to make a platformer like the one built into Alien Hominid. The theme would be Sadie rescuing me and other Shen family members from Mr. Peterson (the jealous cat that pees on things).

This game will come out one day.

Comic - Jury Duty

I've been in jury duty selection the last two days. I have to go back tomorrow. I wish I had these glasses as seen below. This thought is the only thing that brings a smile to my face during jury duty.


Comic - Dig Dug


Comic - More


Comic - Sleep In

Almost a true story. Oliver did sleep in today, but I was perfectly still when it happened. Wouldn't dare wake up Josie.


The church's pastor and I have a very similar sense of humor.

Comic - Bathroom Privacy

True story. Literally scared the crap out of me.

Games and Whiskey - New Dad

My son is 15 months old now. I realize that the only games I want to play must be on a mobile/portable device (iPhone, VITA, 3DS, etc.) and I should be able to beat it and enjoy the story within 5-6 hours. That would be worth every penny, even at the standard $60 price point.

Maybe I should start a game company where we primarily focus on making games that are short and fulfilling to cater toward new gamer parents.

Comic - Sadie the Dog

I should draw more comics about the dog.

Springfield Doll Clothes and Dollfie Dream

I was at a craft store the other day and noticed that there was a line of doll clothes called Springfield and they fit 18" dolls. I figured that a Dollfie Dream is 1/3 scale (around 23 inches) so that the clothes would probably fit. They're also reasonably priced (under $10), so it wouldn't be too crazy of an investment.

Turns out the 18" dolls have a torso length that's quite similar, so the shirt fits quite well. The legs on the Dollfie Dream, however, are significantly longer. It turned the knee-high pants to shorts. They did, however, fit and the people around the world rejoiced.

Springfield also makes shoes. Dollfie Dream feet are about 7 cm. long. I was able to take these sneakers, which admittedly are not as cool as some of the Dollfie Dream specific shoes I've seen, and slip them on just fine.

For under $15 total, I was able to give Rally a full new outfit. Very pleased! I may have to pick up some other clothes in the near future, as long as I'm okay with all the new pants being shorts.

Link: Springfield Clothes on