It's a Halloween Party!

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Josie and I went to a Halloween Party (I'm not quite sure that's capitalized) this past weekend in Palo Alto. It was actually Alice 97.3's Halloween Party (I got us invites). It was pretty neat, actually.

We're also now immortalized on their website as "Wrestlers". Check out more photos here.


Happy Pumpkin Carving Month

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This is a pumpkin that I carved this weekend. It's of legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee. It didn't take too long. The hardest part was actually cleaning out the insides of the pumpkin. Sticking my hand into that mess was like performing surgery with my fingers.

Have a great week!


K.K. Slider

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I was reminded this weekend that K.K. Slider from the Animal Crossing world is one of the greatest guitar players in the world.

That's all I had to say.

The newest Mr. Goh comic was inspired by a real story. Jason and I were walking down the streets in San Francisco when I saw the store in question.


The Chinese Cooking Show

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Good day, everyone!

This is the completed piece that will be submitted into the upcoming issue of Hyphen Magazine. How exciting! Two pieces of work in a magazine in the past year! Hooray for pride as a substitute for money.

Boy, I'm sleepy. Good night!


Project Paku Update - Boomer

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Here is the first card for my card game project: Project Paku!

This is a character card. Players, in a normal one-on-one battle, choose a character card from the many available. This is Boomer and she is part of the Fighting Clan.

The top-right number is the number of hit points the character has. When the number reaches zero, the player becomes defeated.

The star icon displays the Ability Points the character has. Ability Points allow a player to attach Equipment Cards. Each Equipment Card has a cost. As long as the sum of the cost of all Equipment Cards do not exceed the player's Ability Points, you're good to go.

Each hand icon represents the Head Damage, Fist Damage and Kick Damage connected with that character. This determines how much damage is done if your attack is successful. All of these attack attributes are grouped as Attack Damage.

The Spirit Power is unique to each character. When you have enough Spirit Counters, which are obtained by Successful Attacks, you can use the Spirit Power.

This will all make sense with the full rule set.

I am now 1% done with my project. Exciting!

In other news, the below image is a preliminary colored piece that I'm working on that will be in the next issue of Hyphen Magazine.


Project Paku

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So this is the new project that I am working on. It's essentially what you call the "mother lode" project. I am attempting the quest to create and illustrate a complete card game with all the cards (100 cards for the first series).

As far as the game mechanic goes: think of a fancy version of Janken (that's rock-paper-scissors).

That pink spot is where the main card illustrations will be.

The interesting part of the game will be how cards get released and distributed. Essentially, if you have the ID # of the card, you can gain access to the "official" image on the internet and print it out for use. What about people sharing the ID #'s and not getting them themselves? I say it's all about sharing anyway. Make friends, foster that community.

I have started a very, very basic blog over at Project Paku. Keep them eyes peeled.

E-mail me if you'd like to be on the mailing list for play testing.


Readers... oh bless me heart!

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I recently got an e-mail from a dear reader of one of my comics, Gashapon Shop. It's a very nice feeling to know that someone out there is reading my work and enjoying it. It's a less nice feeling to know that someone out there is reading my work and vomiting in their mouth because of it.

Hi, Mr. Alexander Shen! I believe I have finished reading Gashapon Shop [hitting page 245 and the next button not clickable], and I must comment as you are deserving. I thoroughly enjoyed the comic! I loved the characters and story. I especially liked Death. He was cool. I also liked how Rainee changed throughout the story [and started kicking ass and taking names].

To sum it up: I loved your comic. 5/5. Or 10/10. Whatever scale you use. To explain the 'sorrow' part, I'm sad the comic ended. I would have loved to see Rainee beat corporate power with her little shop's big heart.

I wish to thank you for your hard work and dedication You said you had no work published? That's rather unusual since you have great skill. If you have any other work laying around, could you show me?


And with that, my fine friends, a tear is shed and a fist is clenched.



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This is the lesson that I learned today. Josie taught it to me. I wish I could've had more plantain french fries, but she put them away from me and my grubby hands.

They seriously taste like potatoes.

I also tried out a chicken marinade recipe last night: orange juice, garlic, pepper, salt and Coca-Cola. Yes, the dark soda we have all grown up to love and/or hate. All I can say in the end is that it's an okay marinade, but there's definitely better ones out there. Heck, I would actually be happy with roasting garlic and throwing pieces of chicken with it.

Oh well. At least I have lunch for tomorrow.


Lens Crafters

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Here's an interesting story about glasses. Well, perhaps it's not interesting, but it is something that happened to me the other evening while at work.

So I'm just sitting there, writing some documentation, and then the right lens pops off. I find it terribly random.

Because I have the vision of a blind person, I have to get it repaired. Luckily, the mall isn't too far away and I was able to make it there with one working eye. Lenscrafters were also very nice about repairing it for free (I purchased my glasses from them two years ago).

I've also taken the time and uploaded Sam Seeking... to Wandering Panda Comics. The comic strip centralizes around my misadventures of being single.

Thankfully, I am now happily in a relationship.


Gears of War

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It's been a while since I've felt like a "gamer", but all of this 360 game playing lately has been an incredible experience. It reminds me of why I started playing games in the first place. So chalk it up as getting back to my roots.

It's also probably the fact that I work at a game company 40+ hours a week. That and XBL being one of the most incredible game services ever. In all honesty, I could spend a lot of time just playing around on the dashboard.

This past weekend I finished Gears of War (finally) when I visited Brad and Shannon. So, in response, I decided to do a piece on Fenix. He's the main guy.

It's a nice, nerdy feeling to know that I can go over to a friend's place, eat dinner and the three of us enjoy different games all at the same time--Brad and I played Gears of War and Shannon played The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.