A Perfect Match

Listening to: Tracy Chapman - Goodbye

I call this piece "The Perfect Match".

I was trying to think of other vector images I could make with toilet paper. I was going to have brown smeared across the mouth of the toilet paper, but then I guess that would be equivalent of consuming a loved one.

I'll have a wallpaper version of it online soon.


Sketch - Bazaar

Listening to: John Mayer - Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

This is a sketch I did earlier today. I've been going through Flickr and just drawing things that I find to be interesting. I'm really enjoying busy scenes with a lot of objects, as opposed to simple and flowing architecture.

Trying to work on a new comic, but we'll see how that goes. I don't think I've ever done any actual "one shot" comics before. You know, something with a concrete start and end. The closest thing, I suppose, would be Gashapon Shop, but that's a gray area as it is.

Let's hope for the best, ya?



Listening to: Robin Thicke - Shooter

This is a sketch I did today. I applied some light colors in Photoshop. I basically wanted to try something different. I don't know, it looked a lot better this afternoon. Perhaps it's my eyes at this hour of the night.

Bah, there goes my "sleep before midnight" goal.

The following is a comic that I drew in response to one Josie sent me. In all honesty, I have nothing against vegetarians. Heck, Josie's a vegetarian and is teaching me the ways of green eating. It's just that I find this situation to be humorous. She's also threatened me with the "supposed switchblade" she keeps in her purse.

She's lying. She doesn't have one. I've never stumbled upon it when I steal money from her wallet.

More comics at Irish Uppercut


I'll try to get some sleep.

Listening to: Robin Thicke - Lonely World

I'm going to try to get to bed before midnight.

This is just a random vector piece. Trying to learn and practice the idea of negative space. As you can see, I've still got quite a bit to go.


Luigi #1!

Listening to: Robin Thicke - Got 2 Be Down

I decided to work on a little something something for my favorite Nintendo character, Luigi!

I basically wanted to make a stencil/block print of the guy, so I had to create a very simple black-and-white/two-tone image of him that captured his likeness without too much detail (I have a hard time cutting out overly detailed stencils or carving out block prints).

The last image is actually a wallpaper I made in addition. You can click there for it or find it in the gallery section.


Happy 24th Birthday, Alex!

Listening to: Robin Thicke - Can You Believe

I was able to celebrate my 24th birthday with a few friends tonight: Jason, Dom and Nick. I thank them for dinner, the cake and the card. It was truly a memorable birthday.

Thanks to Josie for the card. It really was a wonderful gesture.

Thanks to Rob for the delicious birthday sandwich for lunch.

Thanks to the others for the warm birthday wishes as well!


Had An Interview Today

Listening to: Yann Tiersen - Si Tu N'etais Pas La

I had my second interview today with a company that had "put me on hold" earlier this month. They asked some pretty tough questions. I think there was a moment where I sort of stared blankly at the wall, counting how many tiles were there and multiplying it by 2,397. It was the only way I could look like I was thinking and not, you know, completely dumbfounded.

Actually, I think it went all right. I just think it's much funnier when grown men cry in elevators.


Here Begins ver7

Listening to: Robin Thicke - Lost Without U

That's right! The blog has returned a seventh time. I decided to go back to a style that I'm more comfortable with. It represents my love for things simple, compact and efficient. I apologize if you have one of those widescreen monitors and have your browser open at its maximum size... you know, because you just have a lot of "sides of nothing".

I think this page would look great on the Nintendo Wii. I should check.

I'm slowly properly migrating the other portions of the site as well and will be my week-long project: gallery, music and about pages.

I spent most of my Sunday cleaning my room and the bathroom, scrubbing like I was trying to reveal that my bathtub was actually made out of gold.

I'm not sure if I've shared this comic link with anyone yet, but I really enjoy Daniel Spottswood's Disquetville. Go and check it out!

A sample of Disquetville

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