Let's read some comics!

It's Probably: 92 degrees.

Yay! Comics!

So it's been quite an interesting week and a half. I'm winding down to the final part of my vacation (aka "unemployment period") and I'm happy to say that I got a good chunk of things done.

So far I've completed many a graphic novel and a graphicless novel as well. I've completed a few games as well as have partaken in a few movies. I've even constructed a few things, migrated the gallery completely to the server and spent time with friends.

I suppose I'm about ready to get back to work.


Jason Face!

Listening to: Nothing.

This is my friend Jason's face.

I want to put this on a shirt and use it to scare small children.


Strange energy surge...

Listening to: Gavin DeGraw - More Than Anyone

I seem to have gotten this strange surge of energy. It must be the 1600mg of sodium I had today in one sitting. I could sure go for a cup of orange juice right now.

This was another vector piece I had meant to do last year (it was part of the batch) and decided, since I have this strange unfounded energy, to do it.

This is a piece I did as a birthday gift for Josie's good friend. Since I don't know her very well, and taking the advice of Josie, I decided to just do a little artwork that was personal and had some kind of meaning.

This is the most recent Kick Face Design assignment. Bruce came up with the idea to do maps and this is what I came up with. We were supposed to avoid the regular "point A to point B" types of maps and go for something different.


Clearing out things...

Listening to: Del Shannon - Runaway

Here is a new vector piece that I did tonight.

I was clearing out boxes of old papers, stumbling upon things that I wish I hadn't (though I quickly threw them away), and also came across this project (the vector) that I meant to do a year ago.

What better time than the present?

The reason I've been clearing out things is that I will be moving (most likely) very soon. Thus starts a new chapter in my life.


The Wood Tree

Listening to: Usher - Throwback

This is the Wood Tree. I thought it would be interesting to start putting small cubes together to make the "foliage" part of the tree. I think it'd make more sense if I painted it. For now, with my fingers being raw as Eddie Murphy, I'm going to take a break from wood working.

Here are a few incomplete Woodbot Walkers staring at the fallen tower. You know, honestly, I think they look pretty cute without arms and legs. We'll see what I ultimately decide on.

This is the most recent Kick Face Design assignment (decided by Mr. Hu). It's basically, what he called in the e-mail, "photo-typography". It was pretty interesting to scour the house for things that could look like the letters I needed.

I'd also just like to mention Mr. Myland and how cool he is. Done and done.



Listening to: Counting Crows - Accidentally in Love

More woody fun.


Mike Wieringo Passes Away

Listening to: Nothing.

Comic book artist Mike Wieringo has passed away this past weekend of a heart attack.

Though not an adoring fan of his work, as it has come in limited quantities and contact with my comic book cycles, I am familiar with his work on Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and other pieces I've seen on the net and in magazines here and there.

His work was amazing and his talent will be remembered.


Wood Toys

Listening to: Usher - Confessions

These are just some photos of the prototype wooden toys that I'm working on. Let's just say that they will be in the same style of those "randomly packed" figures you can get in urban vinyl stores like Kid Robot.

There will probably be a very limited Series 1 run and a bunch of D.I.Y. versions for sale.

I plan on launching the new Wandering Panda Store with the appropriate comic buy pages, print purchases and these nifty wood toys.



Hypen Magazine

Listening to: The Kooks - If Only

Hello everyone!

I just got the most recent issue of Hyphen Magazine (contrary to what it seems, it is not an import car magazine) in the mail this past weekend. The main reason I post this information is that a comic strip that I made for this issue based on transportation is on the last page (opposite of the back cover).

Color me excited!


Don't be bitter.

Listening to: Aoi "ED" Tada - Wo Qui Non Coin

I'm having a bit of a songwriting block right now and hope that with this image I can just smash through the barrier, take on the open-mic circuit and just punch a bunch of people in the soul with my music. Or, at the very least, dodge every last glass bottle and tomato hurled by the audience.

Below is a chase scene Josie and I experienced in San Diego.