072 - Arcade Cabinet Laser Cut Design

This doesn't look like much, but it's actually three copies of the arcade cabinet design I was working on. I put this into Ponoko and it looks like it will cost around $30 for materials and cutting. I think I may put in an order!

071 - Homemade Mixtour

My coworker showed me abstract board game Mixtour and suggested it something we try. I agreed. Then I said it was something we didn't need to buy, but something I could make at home.

070 - 1:12 Scale Arcade Cabinet Plans

Since I can't make a mold out of the cabinet, I decided to do the next best thing and that's write down plans to make one out of wood. The hardest part for this classic Namco cabinet style is to get the side panels right. I also did some rounding of measurements to the nearest quarter inch to play nice with the materials I already have in the house.

Outside of cutting my own panels, I think I may have to result to a Ponoko or something to laser cut for me.

069 - 1:12 Scale Arcade Cabinet

I picked up Namco Arcade Machine Collection 1:!2 scale models in the hopes of being able to make a mold out of the pieces. Turns out that it wasn't a model in the sense of pieces you glue together, but a model in that it was already put together. Oh well!

068 - ASWG Title Screen

Setting it up so when you access the game from the title screen it sets the mode. In this case "Training" or "Exhibition".

067 - Training Mode

Training Mode lets you attempt the reaction game five times and gives you an average of your session. I may use this to determine difficulty level or actual training where if you're able to successfully get an average under a certain amount you're given a boost.


I do not regret my decision to get the fun colors.

065 - Mighty Marquees in Person

Printed out and cut the new marquees. Looking nice. The significance of Animal Crossing is obvious. As far as TMNT: The Arcade Game? I have a fond memory of a Reno trip my family took when I was little. We were staying at the Sundowner and my brother and I were playing. I remember being Raphael and my brother, I don't know, Leonardo probably. Eventually my dad came along and decided to play too. We even cashed out a $10 for quarters and eventually beat it. We beat an arcade game! Together! The three of us!

It was pretty crazy and I still remember it to this day because, c'mon, who cashes out that much money to beat an arcade game? I suppose in hindsight, I've never needed to spend money on it again.

064 - Anvil Strike Wrestling Group

Here is the name and logo for the wrestling game I'm working on. How appropriate that I'm also watching WWE Fastlane while doing it.

063 - Nintendo Switch Screenshot Button

Picked up a Nintendo Switch and set it up. Linked my FB account and now I can post screenshots from games because there's a screenshot button on the controller! Crazy.