085 - Custom 1:12 Scale Arcade Cabinet (Assembled and Unpainted)

Here it is, folks. My custom 1:12 scale arcade cabinet assembled and unpainted. I think it looks pretty damned awesome. I'm very happy with how the design turned out. I may opt for the thinner material next time as the 1/4" is too thick.

This is assembly version 1. I'll put together one with a horizontal shelf for the joystick and vertical screen like the kind you see in an original Donkey Kong cabinet.

After the costs of the material, cutting, and shipping, one of these cabinets costs roughly $14. If I were to use a thinner piece of MDF, do better placement of the pieces (so as to be as efficient as possible with the cuts), and use the largest P3 size, I think I could bring down that cost substantially.

084 - Fundraiser Volunteer Night

Oliver's preschool's auction was tonight. It was the fateful evening where all of our hard work would be put to the test for a four-hour shindig to raise money for the preschool. It was really good seeing the fruits of our labor, seeing the fruits of Josie and I putting together over 100 picture frames of logos (including cutting them), creating over 100 unique bid sheets, printing them out, cutting them, and so many other things I can't even remember.

I'm glad it's done. I got a pretty nice Crunchyroll gift bag with a year's subscription for $40. That was worth it. Again, I'm super glad that it's done.

083 - Correct Laser Cut Pieces

Ponoko resolved my issue in two days. I basically sent in my complaint Wednesday night, they cut it Thursday morning, shipped it Thursday afternoon, and it arrived on Friday.

Pretty excited to put my 1:12 scale arcade cabinet together!

082 - Volunteering

Like a dummy, we somehow volunteered ourselves to do a lot of work for Oliver's preschool's fundraising committee. So I created over 100 of these bid sheets for the upcoming auction. Each bid sheet is unique, with a different ID and description, starting bid amount, bit increment, and value.


081 - Ponoko Order

My Ponoko order arrived today. It was meant to have my 1:12 scale arcade cabinet and I was hoping to be able to put one together tonight. Unfortunately, when I opened my package, it was not my order at all. Now I feel sad for both myself and the person who did not get what they ordered either.

Contacted customer support. Hopefully this get resolved.

080 - Animal Crossing Amiibo

It took some time, but I finally completed my set of Animal Crossing Amiibo. I feel somewhat more complete in a completely superficial way.

079 - ASWG "Beats"

I left my Switch at home so I could do some personal work over lunch. Instead, my 11:30a meeting ran late and a surprise 12:30p meeting appeared on my calendar. So I had 10 minutes to eat. I did, ultimately, sequester myself for 20 minutes before my 1:30p meeting so I could do some coding.

I was able to code the "beat" mechanic I decided upon. The idea is that once both players lock in their move (strike, grapple, block), the game chooses a number of "beats" a player has to win (3, 5, or 7). These "beats" are the reaction game mechanic pieces. If a player wins the majority, then they get to execute the move they chose in the beginning. This is also where the rock-paper-scissors match-up happens.

I decided it would take a Pokemon-like buff/debuff in that in the example of grapple > block, the grapple would do 1.2x damage. In the example of grapple < strike, the grapple would do 0.8x damage. In the example of grapple == grapple, it would do a straight 1.0x damage. Or, you know, something to that effect.

078 - Oliver's 4th Family Birthday Party

We had a family birthday party for Oliver this afternoon. My parents, aunt and uncle, cousins, and brother-in-law's family all came to celebrate. Josie and I spent many, many hours putting together the meal. There was avocado bean salad, cilantro-lime rice, 6-hour slow cooked carnitas, baked chicken with bell peppers, corn bread, all the fixings.

I think I ate 8 tacos.

077 - Oliver's 4th Birthday at Happy Hollow

We spent the morning at Happy Hollow in San Jose this morning. It was Oliver's 4th birthday celebration with close friends. Organizing the trip, packing the lunches, and just spending the hours at a children's amusement park and zoo is a pretty large production. It was rewarding though and everyone had a seemingly good time.

076 - Halloween Cookies in March

Josie made the cookies and frosted them. I just helped decorate some of them with white accent frosting. Apparently Oliver wanted Halloween cookies for his upcoming 4th birthday.