079 - ASWG "Beats"

I left my Switch at home so I could do some personal work over lunch. Instead, my 11:30a meeting ran late and a surprise 12:30p meeting appeared on my calendar. So I had 10 minutes to eat. I did, ultimately, sequester myself for 20 minutes before my 1:30p meeting so I could do some coding.

I was able to code the "beat" mechanic I decided upon. The idea is that once both players lock in their move (strike, grapple, block), the game chooses a number of "beats" a player has to win (3, 5, or 7). These "beats" are the reaction game mechanic pieces. If a player wins the majority, then they get to execute the move they chose in the beginning. This is also where the rock-paper-scissors match-up happens.

I decided it would take a Pokemon-like buff/debuff in that in the example of grapple > block, the grapple would do 1.2x damage. In the example of grapple < strike, the grapple would do 0.8x damage. In the example of grapple == grapple, it would do a straight 1.0x damage. Or, you know, something to that effect.

078 - Oliver's 4th Family Birthday Party

We had a family birthday party for Oliver this afternoon. My parents, aunt and uncle, cousins, and brother-in-law's family all came to celebrate. Josie and I spent many, many hours putting together the meal. There was avocado bean salad, cilantro-lime rice, 6-hour slow cooked carnitas, baked chicken with bell peppers, corn bread, all the fixings.

I think I ate 8 tacos.

077 - Oliver's 4th Birthday at Happy Hollow

We spent the morning at Happy Hollow in San Jose this morning. It was Oliver's 4th birthday celebration with close friends. Organizing the trip, packing the lunches, and just spending the hours at a children's amusement park and zoo is a pretty large production. It was rewarding though and everyone had a seemingly good time.

076 - Halloween Cookies in March

Josie made the cookies and frosted them. I just helped decorate some of them with white accent frosting. Apparently Oliver wanted Halloween cookies for his upcoming 4th birthday.

075 - Patio Furniture

This evening I put together a 4-piece patio furniture "conversation set". It had two single chairs, a double, and a tiny table. I should invest in some proper hex wrenches that don't keep falling out when I let go for a split second.

074 - Real Life Things

Today was full of real life things. We had a permit that was expiring for a HVAC replacement in the house and I had to schedule the inspection, contact (multiple times) the city to renew the permit, send in the credit card authorization form, talk to the city some more, and figure out how to fix the issues found by the inspector. Then it turns out our irrigation system had been running all night, dripping into the dirt way more than it needed to be, so figuring out why the system was all broken. And the day at work concluded with a 3.5 hour meeting about Q2 and Q3 planning.

Real life things.

073 - Arcade Cabinet Configuration

I sent my order into Ponoko. Their P1 size (roughly 7" x 7") couldn't fit a full cabinet, so I had to use their P2 size (roughly 15" x 15"). The P2 size can fit three comfortably, with probably too much room to spare (wasted material, I guess). I started thinking of different configurations the panels could take on to form different cabinet types.

I was thinking of putting together notches to make putting it together easier, but then decided it would lock me into one configuration. Doing it this way would allow freedom of choice, albeit also increase the room for error.

I should be getting this in in about 2 weeks. Will have to post photos of the cabinets then!

072 - Arcade Cabinet Laser Cut Design

This doesn't look like much, but it's actually three copies of the arcade cabinet design I was working on. I put this into Ponoko and it looks like it will cost around $30 for materials and cutting. I think I may put in an order!

071 - Homemade Mixtour

My coworker showed me abstract board game Mixtour and suggested it something we try. I agreed. Then I said it was something we didn't need to buy, but something I could make at home.

070 - 1:12 Scale Arcade Cabinet Plans

Since I can't make a mold out of the cabinet, I decided to do the next best thing and that's write down plans to make one out of wood. The hardest part for this classic Namco cabinet style is to get the side panels right. I also did some rounding of measurements to the nearest quarter inch to play nice with the materials I already have in the house.

Outside of cutting my own panels, I think I may have to result to a Ponoko or something to laser cut for me.