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058 - Wrestling Game Coded

It's felt like forever, but I opened up the IDE and actually did some coding. All that I was able to put together was the timer kicking off (as if both players had locked in their moves), and then allow for keyboard input (action button). If you press it too early, it'll say as such. If you wait for the right moment (when it says ACTION), then it will measure your timing.

057 - Wrestling Game Flow

Spent some time working on making the action piece look nicer. Time to throw this into some code.

056 - Back of the Box: Sonic the Hedgehog 2


055 - Oliver Sheeran


054 - Back of the Box: Link to the Past

Have you ever heard of a game called The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past? Some people liked it, I guess.

053 - Back of the Box: Street Fighter II Turbo

Back in the day of cartridge based game systems, you didn't have much to go off of with regards to new games. You had magazines, word of mouth, and maybe a rental from a Warehouse or a Blockbuster Video or some mom-and-pop shop. What else you had was going to a local video game store and staring at the same back of the box over and over and over again. I've still never played "Last Battle" on Genesis.

Decided to start drawing those super tiny screenshot thumbnails.

052 - Oliver Kinkade


051 - Therapeutic Massage

I got my first therapeutic back massage the other day at an upstairs Chinese place. It felt like they were trying to push my skeleton out of my body.

050 - Wrestling Game Flow

As I continue to write down on paper the different ways the wrestling game will work, I realized that the exercise of mapping out the flow would be useful. At the end of the day, the pace of which the game moves incredibly important and something I want to nail down.

The wrestlers stand face to face, probably in Squigglevision, which is where players choose which move to use (grapple, strike, or block). Then the "charging at each other" animation starts. Somewhere between 1.0 seconds to 2.0 seconds (probably?) the "ACTION" prompt appears, which is where the players press their action button as quickly as possible. Once the buttons are locked, the game then shows a few panels in order to showcase the outcome.

How it showcases the outcome is important and something that will probably only be solidified with actual motioned mockups. Does each panel come in one at a time, using the third on the right to see if the move was successful and for which wrestler? Does the game instead show a close up on the left, then the right, and then have an animated center panel showcasing the move? If so, how does a Create-A-Wrestler get animated? I can't possibly animated every single combination for every single move.

I think this is a good place to start though for the actual demo of the game.

049 - Tyler Bate

I haven't done one of these Two Count Face things in a while. Tyler Bate is a pretty awesome wrestler and that man across the pond is only 19! Such a bright future in front of him.