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147 - ASWG Art Complete

Finished all the artwork for the cards. That's 13 values, 2 variations of each, 2 copies of each, so 52 cards in the deck. Also took the time to save out all the PNGs and upload to Game Crafter to order a set. Looks like they do linen texture now! Can't wait to get these.

146 - ASWG High Flying Moves

Can't beat a good ol' flying elbow or frog splash off the top rope! Just two more left: 12 and 13. I'm thinking proper submission finishers (ankle lock, figure-four) and proper finishers (stunner, piledriver).

143 - ASWG Spear

Just 11, 12, and 13 left. I'm planning to do high flying moves for 11, a submission finisher for 12, and standard finishers for 13.

142 - ASWG Some Cards


140 - ASWG Suplex

Just got 10, 11, 12, and 13 left.

138 - ASWG Clothesline from Hell

Clotheslines start off the first block of Spots (value 8). Just got 9 - 13 to go. Whew.

133 - ASWG Card Art - 1 and 2

While the family naps, I found myself drawing the art for ASWG. Here we have taunts for the 1 card and a the collar elbow tie-up for the 2 card. A little aggressive on that position, aren't we fellas?

129 - ASWG Card Design Update

This is the final layout for the Momentum cards. Simple. Easy to read. A nice slice of action right in the middle. This specific piece of art in the middle is just placeholder though, even if it's a perfect German Suplex.

124 - ASWG Game Testing

I was able to grab dinner with a friend and we played dozens of hands of 2-player ASWG. He definitely has a different playing style than my other friend, and made me rethink some of the main mechanics. Originally, the rule was that a player who passes forces the other player to play a card, even if causes the total to go over the goal. What happens, in retrospect, is that this player is penalized for putting the sum close to the goal. Either the next player passes, often forcing the original player to go over and losing the spot (trick). So the player who passes is rarely at the disadvantage since passing only occurs close to the goal.

Over the few dozen hands, this happened too often. Instead, I've decided that if you pass the other player gets the spot automatically at a discounted point rate.

123 - ASWG Card Art

Time to start working on the card art that actually goes on the cards. Decided to stick with simple line drawing with spots of color. Trying to figure out how to get that fountain pen looking brush with my tablet. I want to get that Charles Schulz later years look. I wonder if a cursory Google search will give me something...