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Slime Catcher Intro Comic

Here are the comics that make up the introduction sequence for my newest game Slime Catcher. Elite and Ritz are a fun pair to write stories about.

Game Release - Slime Catcher v1.0.0

Elite and Ritz the Robot have found out that dealing in spice is not the best way to make a living. Upon running into a sign of new fortune, they have learned the big bucks lie in slime catching. Without any proper equipment, Elite decides throwing a robot head is as good a slime catcher as anything.

- Daily challenges: every day offers a different layout, battery storage, and slime spawn rate.
- Handdrawn animations
- Keyboard and Mouse control scheme
- No ads! Completely offline!

Future updates will include new slime types, larger arenas, and powerups!

Download for Mac:

Game Design - Speed Wall

My 3-year-old son designed his first honest to goodness game today with rules and winning conditions. I helped him the scoring part. He came up with the hug bonus. I've never been prouder.

Spice Catcher out on iOS and Android

Just a friendly reminder that Spice Catcher is now out on iOS and Android.

Download on iTunes: iTunes Link
Download on Google Play: Google Play Link

Illustration - 40 Herbs and Spices

I've drawn all 40 herbs and spices for my game Spice Catcher. It was an interesting experience. Makes me appreciate the work that artists do for all the "collectibles" you can find in games. That's a lot of work, friends.

Spice Catcher is up for review on iOS AppStore and Google Play. I'll post again when it's released.

Game Development - 20 Herbs and Spices

Just finished drawing up 20 of the 40 herbs and spices for my upcoming game Spice Catcher. Once the remaining 20 are done then I will start the mobile store upload process.

Thanks to my Patreon supporters for helping fund my development efforts!

Patreon: Link

Illustration - Chervil, Chives, Chia Seeds

Some chervil, chives, and chia seeds.

Game Development - Thomas the Train RPG

I picked up RPG Maker MV and thought it would be fun to make a Thomas the Train RPG. This would be the final battle. It was funny to test out the engine with just a few sprite tweaks.

Illustration - Herbs and Spices

I drew 4 of the 40 herbs and spices I need for April's game. Here are some annatto seeds, basil, bay leaves, and cayenne pepper.

Game Development - Loot Drop Table

In my upcoming game for April I had to create a loot drop table for the 40 herbs and spices a player could get. I didn't want to simply initiate a random number, but instead lock certain herbs and spices to different months and times of the day. So maybe basil is pretty easy to find between 6am and 6pm in March, but impossible to find in July.

What I did was for each herb and spice to generate 12 random numbers between 1 and 12, which represents the months January through December. Why 12 random numbers? No real reason.

The spreadsheet then finds every entry for every herb and spice that equals the month I'm currently looking to populate. I then copy all of those entries and put them in the appropriate array in the game. Each entry is actually a reference to a specific herb or spice. So if the "January Day Time" array has a lot of "Basil" entries in it, then the probability of finding that entry is higher since the game looks in that specific array and randomly chooses one.