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Abandoned Game - Paths

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Here is a project I was working on briefly before realizing that, well, I had nowhere to go with it. I was trying to add some kind of twist to the chain reaction type game that would make it more interesting. I was thinking of having the combustible shapes orbit, requiring a user to place and time things to set off a reaction properly.

The issue was that chain reactions were too easy. I suppose changing the speed of the orbits and size of the orbits could lead to more strategic gameplay, but it ultimately wasn't that fun.

It may be something I jump back to eventually, but it's on the abandoned list for now like Ikuze.

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New Game: Roosevelt Rush

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Here it is folks, my newest game Roosevelt Rush! It was supposed to be done for President's Day 2010, but I ended up going to Germany and being away from anything remotely close to art equipment. In addition, as I'm sure you've read, I was sick. I've been waking up early the last two days to get all the art together.

Anyway, I want former President Franklin Roosevelt to be remembered for his EXTREME AWESOMENESS and not the polio he contracted in 1921. Make sure to vote accordingly if you see it on Newgrounds or Kongregate.

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Art Dump: Gashapon Shop Game

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Here's some artwork/preliminary sketches for the Gashapon Shop game that I'm working on. It's essentially a game of collecting cards for the sake (and joy) of collecting cards. You level up by spending more in-game money, allowing you access to more benefits and card packs. It's recommended that you just leave it on, like other silly social games, so you can accrue bonus money every few minutes.

At this point I'm basically trying to collect/make more cards for the game. The content creation is really the part that's going to take forever and a day. FOREVER AND A DAY.

I'll have a demo up soon. Message me if you want to look at an early version to see what this is about.

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My head asplode... again.

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That's right! My game has now officially hit the mainstream, folks! (Don't) Save the Princess! has been posted about over at IGN as their indie game pick of the week! HOLY SMOKES!


I can't really describe how this feels. It's a bit overwhelming.

In any case, I'm extremely grateful to the entire indie gaming community and everyone who even checked out the game at all. Maybe you just downloaded it and never got around to installing it. I thank you too... and so does the bandwidth with my server.

Kaloo Kalay!

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