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Game Release - 1000 Word Quest (iOS, Android)

My silly word game is now out for iOS and Android.

Download: iOS | Android

Game Development - 1000 Word Quest Locations

Here are the five locations I've illustrated for my upcoming word game to be released on iOS and Android. I've settled on the name 1000 Word Quest.

The ice lands look like you're on the moon.

Game Development - Quest for Words

I'll figure out a proper title soon enough.

I had an hour or so to mess with the layout for my word game. I originally trying to illustrate locations in each node, but it was proving to be too difficult and ugly. Just couldn't get it to lok right. Then the thought dawned on me that an individual quest would be focused on one location so I could I just illustrate something larger in the back.

I've decided on doing a black and white theme too. I'll probably do 10 locations to start.

Game Development - Word Letter Knight

One of my favorite games still is Word Bubbles on my iPhone. I have, however, slowed down on the standard single player puzzles they have and have focused on the daily puzzle: a single 8-letter puzzle.

I decided it would be fun to figure out how to make my own. After getting some time to mess around in an incredibly inefficient way, the game can take in a x by x grid and draw a path of y nodes to fill in with a word of z length. So in this case, I have a 3x3 grid to fill in with 9 nodes (that's the 3x3) of 8 length.

Now that I have the game logic down, it's time to dress it up! I have sketches I need to upload. The plan is to have each node become an area (ice land, volcano, dark forest, etc.) that you are traversing to complete the quest. We'll see how that goes.

Game Development - BubblePops

I've been playing Wordbubbles on my iPhone for a while now and I really enjoy the experience. My coworker also downloaded this game and had played it in front of his infant daughter. She got a kick out of the game because of the popping sound that happens when you click on the bubbles.

I claimed I could easily mimic such an app where bubbles get generated and pop when tapped. I spent part of my lunch cobbling it together and now you, friends, can also share in this visceral experience on your Android device.

Download: Dropbox Link (APK File)

Graphics Hack - Bob's Burger Time (NES)

I had a free hour or two this weekend, so I decided to try out some graphic editing for old NES roms. Ever since seeing that one Bob's Burgers episode where they played that video game (episode Burgerboss), I always thought it'd be neat to see the inevitable "Bob's Burger Burger Time Hack".
I used NES CHR Editor, Multipatcher, and a hex editor to mess with the NES rom. It's very interesting working with the graphical limitation imposed via the hardware. I'll probably want to dig into the technical reasons later.

You can download the .UPS patch file here: Dropbox.
It'll stay up until Dropbox tells me to "cut it out".

Hondenkat Engine - Dialogue

After releasing three puzzle games with additional features on each release, I realized what I needed to add was the ability to make adventures with this engine as well. Everything is the same, but rooms are no longer "completed" by reaching the exit and collecting all of the stars. The rooms are now connected like a map in an old school top-down RPG.

In order to establish this type of game, I needed to implement the ability to run a dialogue script. A dialogue script, in this instance, is simply an array that a player progresses through as it unfolds on the screen with two profile pictures and some text.

The structure of each dialogue element is basically: entity name, entity dialogue, frame to show on the left, who is talking (left or right), frame to show on the right. The importance of "who is talking" dims the non-active entity. The game takes a 2D array of all of these dialogue elements and just plays them out in order. Once it reaches the end, the overlay is closed.

You'll also notice on the top of the screen is a status bar. I'll probably use this for adventure specific elements, like the number of keys you have or found inventory items.

I'm thinking the next game will use Ritz the Robot from Robot in the City (a comic I did a long time ago). He needs some attention.

Hondenkat Engine - Happy Friends Museum Released

It took a while, what with all of the new artwork I did for both the game sprites and Animal Crossing museum, but I'm done! My tribute to Animal Crossing is out and I'm hoping to get some press from it soon. :) Regardless, I'm happy with all the improvements I've made to the engine and am even more excited to make it better.

Play it Online: Happy Friends Museum
Download on Android: Google Play Store

Hondenkat Engine - Happy Friends Images

September 25th is coming up soon and I'm really doing my best to finish up Happy Friends Museum in time. I should be done with all of the hand drawn art now, just pixel stuff to go. It's pretty exciting to actually be at this point!

Keep your eyes peeled for the release next week!

Hondenkat Engine - Happy Friends Museum Video

What's funny is that I'm working on my own museum while having "Tank Kings" on in the background.

The cool coding thing I was able to take care of today was being able to use the same four tile IDs and then based on specific conditions have them warp the player to different maps via code. Specifics: I used to just add new IDs and it got pretty messy. Now the four tile IDs (those green apple mats with arrows) will take you to different maps based on the current location, tile ID, xPos, and yPos of the tile. So even if it's the same xPos and yPos, for example, the current location will be different and that "up arrow", for example, will send you to the correct map.

I'm just about to the point where it's a bunch of pixel art left and that's exciting.