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7DRL 2016 - Generating a Usable Map

Game now can randomly generate solvable 5x5 maps. There is also an exact 15 step path the player can take to get to the exit. A level bonus of 15 Battery is given to the player when they cross over 15+ spaces on the map.

7DRL - Generating the Grid

My first official day on the 7DRL (7-day roguelike) game development challenge and I ended up cleaning up some old mental cobwebs on how to generate a grid and a player spawn. The challenge ends on Sunday, so I have a few more days to work on this guy.

The concept is simple and within the constraints of being practical. Practical, in this case, is being a dad of two young boys and working full-time. Outside of an hour at lunch at ~40 minutes on the train, I don't have much more time to work on things.

Now I need to figure out how to generate a random number of walls and treasure spots. While I could simply randomly pick a different x and y, there still is the possibility the same spot gets called on multiple times and overrides the previous value.

Game Development - Catch 'em All UI Progression

I've been toying with the UI for my upcoming "Catch 'em All" game. I wanted to try to do something simple like the "1000 Word Quest" game, but ultimately decided it needed some more Pokedex love.

Game Development - Spinner and Rarity

I was able to create the ability to start the spinner, stop the spinner, generate the little delicious pies based on a rarity value (example: 50% rarity means only half of the pies show up), and for it to check if you stop on a pie (meaning you caught the thing).

Time to work on adding a collection page and I should be good to go.

Game Development - Catch 'em All

This image may not mean much without context. I've been on a recent kick on finding a game mechanic I enjoy and trying to recreate it on my own (and for others for mobile devices). This is essentially the bug catching and fishing game mechanic from Yo-kai Watch.

Every creature has a "catch" ratio. This is represented by little pie slices around the disc. Then a spinner spins around the edge and you hit the action button to stop the spinner. If the spinner lands on a visible pie slice, then you catch the bug.

What I don't like about the Yo-kai Watch version is that they use deceleration. That deceleration amount is somewhat random, meaning when you click the action button it will stop somewhere around where you clicked. This always rubbed me the wrong way.

In any case. I've been able to recreate this mechanic and will setup as many creatures to catch as I can muster. I'm going to add some different "appear conditions" like the bugs and fish from Animal Crossing.

Hondenkat Engine - Experimental Idea

I've been toying with this idea of using my Hondenkat Engine to provide a game experience that's different from its original design (puzzle-based-star-collecting-game). I wanted to see if I could apply the turn-based movement with the dialogue of a narrative driven experience.

Here I'm illustrating one of the beginning scenes from the movie Office Space. I'm having the player control Peter where he leaves his cubicle and shows up at Samir and Michael's cubicle. He then asks them to go to Chotchkie's for coffee.

I guess someone's having the case of the Mondays.

Game Release - 1000 Word Quest (iOS, Android)

My silly word game is now out for iOS and Android.

Download: iOS | Android

Game Development - 1000 Word Quest Locations

Here are the five locations I've illustrated for my upcoming word game to be released on iOS and Android. I've settled on the name 1000 Word Quest.

The ice lands look like you're on the moon.

Game Development - Quest for Words

I'll figure out a proper title soon enough.

I had an hour or so to mess with the layout for my word game. I originally trying to illustrate locations in each node, but it was proving to be too difficult and ugly. Just couldn't get it to lok right. Then the thought dawned on me that an individual quest would be focused on one location so I could I just illustrate something larger in the back.

I've decided on doing a black and white theme too. I'll probably do 10 locations to start.

Game Development - Word Letter Knight

One of my favorite games still is Word Bubbles on my iPhone. I have, however, slowed down on the standard single player puzzles they have and have focused on the daily puzzle: a single 8-letter puzzle.

I decided it would be fun to figure out how to make my own. After getting some time to mess around in an incredibly inefficient way, the game can take in a x by x grid and draw a path of y nodes to fill in with a word of z length. So in this case, I have a 3x3 grid to fill in with 9 nodes (that's the 3x3) of 8 length.

Now that I have the game logic down, it's time to dress it up! I have sketches I need to upload. The plan is to have each node become an area (ice land, volcano, dark forest, etc.) that you are traversing to complete the quest. We'll see how that goes.