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057 - Wrestling Game Flow

Spent some time working on making the action piece look nicer. Time to throw this into some code.

056 - Back of the Box: Sonic the Hedgehog 2


054 - Back of the Box: Link to the Past

Have you ever heard of a game called The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past? Some people liked it, I guess.

053 - Back of the Box: Street Fighter II Turbo

Back in the day of cartridge based game systems, you didn't have much to go off of with regards to new games. You had magazines, word of mouth, and maybe a rental from a Warehouse or a Blockbuster Video or some mom-and-pop shop. What else you had was going to a local video game store and staring at the same back of the box over and over and over again. I've still never played "Last Battle" on Genesis.

Decided to start drawing those super tiny screenshot thumbnails.

045 - Hello, Wrestler.

Should all of the wrestlers be of the Lucha Libre type? I don't even know. I'm reluctant to start coding in AS3 because I know that Construct 3, for example, is just around the corner. I suppose since there is so little "arcadey" collision testing or whatnot, it wouldn't matter.

040 - Wrestling Game Screen

Here is the thumb of what the wrestling game's screen would look like. You have the profile pictures on top with the tug-o-war bar between. Beneath each profile picture is the current "mana" count for a wrestler. Beneath that are the little "people", which represent the amount of "mana" you're fighting for in the next lockup.

Beneath that is the "sexy art" part where the motion graphics live. Beneath that are the grapples to choose from.

Once a grapple or move is selected, the skill game sequence starts. I've also decided if you lose the skill game, you're still entitled to some of the "mana". Maybe just 1. This way you always have enough to at least execute the weakest attack.

039 - Deb

I haven't watched Napoleon Dynamite in a while. I should get around to doing that. Apparently it's Tina Majorino's birthday.

Black Bomberman Cross Stitch

Used my cross-stitch pattern/action to do this. It's a mind boggle to think that the new Bomberman for the Nintendo Switch is going to retail for $50. Yikes.

038 - Power Luchador?

It's like a weird mix of a luchador and a Power Ranger. I don't even know.

035 - Luchador

I was thinking the other day what I would want to see in a wrestling game (if I were to code one). You have great simulation wrestling games like the 2K series, so I wouldn't want to really tackle that world. Then you've got the Fire Pro Wrestling game type, which is more about perfected timing and I feel like that's been handled already. Now I'm playing WWE Champions, which is just a match-3 on my mobile, and now that's been done really well.

I've just been pokin' at my head about it. I don't know yet. I'd like to make a wrestling game though.