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Black Bomberman Cross Stitch

Used my cross-stitch pattern/action to do this. It's a mind boggle to think that the new Bomberman for the Nintendo Switch is going to retail for $50. Yikes.

037 - Power Luchador?

It's like a weird mix of a luchador and a Power Ranger. I don't even know.

034 - Luchador

I was thinking the other day what I would want to see in a wrestling game (if I were to code one). You have great simulation wrestling games like the 2K series, so I wouldn't want to really tackle that world. Then you've got the Fire Pro Wrestling game type, which is more about perfected timing and I feel like that's been handled already. Now I'm playing WWE Champions, which is just a match-3 on my mobile, and now that's been done really well.

I've just been pokin' at my head about it. I don't know yet. I'd like to make a wrestling game though.

033 - Cross Stitch Pattern and Action

I know that patterns and actions in Photoshop already exist for faux cross stitch, but it's something I wanted to create as well. Now all I have to do is grab a 1x video game sprite or pixel art, click a button, and it will spit out this cross stitch looking thing.

The process wasn't too bad. It was basically creating the "X" pattern and applying a few emboss and bevel filters. Then I defined that as a new pattern. When you load the sprite, the action will create a new layer and fill it with the pattern. Switching the layer to "Screen" allows the colors to show through. Then some automatic magic wand work happens and removes all the non-colored areas from the work and this is the final piece you get!

It took about 40 minutes from start to finish to get this working.


031 - Purple Owl

Oliver helped me with this one.

You might remember our friendly town called Granite Town. Many residents live here, each with their own job to do.

In Granite Town lived a purple owl. He didn't have a name, so the animals just called him the Purple Owl. Unlike all of the other owls in Granite Town, he slept at night and was awake during the day. Near his home was his favorite restaurant, which was run by owls as well. Because of that, it was only open at night and closed during the day.

That didn't stop Purple Owl from eating there everyday. When the clock struck six o'clock in the evening, Purple Owl would be the first one through the door to order his dinner. While it was dinner time for him, it was the restaurant's breakfast time. Purple Owl's dinner was "brinner", which was breakfast at dinner time.

His favorite "brinner" things to eat were pancakes, bacon, and sunny side up eggs.

029 - In the Truck

Danish serving bear claws from his truck. I think if I just keep drawing pictures of the world it will be more real.

028 - Danish Character Sheet 1

Just more drawing of Danish. I should really start working on the other characters, n'est-ce pas?

024 - Animal Proportions

I decided to take a page from one of my favorite game series: Animal Crossing. Most of the animals in Animal Crossing are the same size and proportion (not counting special characters). The general bear look compared to the general dog look compared to the general cat look are similar.

Ultimately I was having trouble drawing overalls on Danish when he was shaped like a bean. No shoulders!

I also started toying with the idea of only the heads of the animals would be, well, animals. The rest of them would have human like features, namely five-fingered hands and five-toed feet. Still figuring it out.

I should also try writing another story so flesh out Granite Town some more. Maybe something about the amusement center repair shop. That's way cooler than Daniel Tiger's dad who works at the clock tower making clocks.

023 - Beans' Truck Concepts

Some truck concepts for Beans coffee truck.

"Beans also drove a truck, but it was teal and it carried coffee. The coffee wasn't a special bean from a far away place. It didn't have a special flavor made with a secret recipe. It was just coffee and it was always hot."

022 - Danish the Bear Minimalist Design

Still trying to figure out the artistic direction for this thing. I was wondering if approaching it like a Hello Kitty design would suffice.