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APE has come and gone. Store is updated.

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So, another Alternative Press Expo has come and gone. It was interesting to see the show expand considerably this time around. It may have been due to the wider aisles and spaces, but it certainly felt like there were less people at the show. If anything, having more vendors and exhibitors at the show also meant that people had to be more conscious about what they were buying and thus couldn't carelessly throw their dollars into the wind. Like every year, my goal is to make back the amount on the table. So, after counting my mound of one dollar bills, mission accomplished.

I'd like to give out thanks to Josie, who stuck it out with me on Saturday as well as the McLellands (aka Mcclellands) for helping me setup the booth, sell merchandise and break down the booth at the end of the show. I'd also like to thank all the friends who stopped by to say hello. It's always great to see you at shows!

In a turn of events, I've decided to go and update the Wandering Panda Store with more items from the show. I've recently uploaded the Robot in the City comic and two giclee prints that I had done for a previous Giant Robot print show. I'll be putting up some of the dual prints (an original ink + digital colored print) in a few days after I take some photos. I also plan on getting some t-shirts made of the 5x5 Minimalist Video Game Art I did last week.

Anyhow, I'm tired. Hope to see you guys again next year!

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5x5 Video Game Wallpapers

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I decided to spend a few minutes and make some overly simplified pixel representations of video game characters. Yes, I was inspired by Ashley Browning's minimalist video game character artwork. I decided to take the minimalist route and go a step further, restricting myself to a 5x5 grid of pixels.

Make sure to check out the rest of them over at my Flickr stream. Link below.

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Look, I drew some pictures.

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I did these when I was in Seattle. Eating and drawing.

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Mr. Peterson's heart murmur.

Listening to: Cat collars.

We found out a little while ago, while at a visit to the vet, that Mr. Peterson has a heart murmur. I asked if there was anything we could do to fix it, but the vet said it was something that would just get worse over the years. It's not an immediate issue, but is something we'll have to face 10 or so years from now.

Sad cat.


Currently Updating: iPhone 3GS to the new 4.0 OS.

This is part of a series of images I plan on doing for a series of "congratulations!" greeting cards. Sometimes completing a game deserves a card just as much as a little girl's sixth birthday. To be honest, you don't even have to try to get to your sixth birthday. It just happens. Beating a game on a difficult setting? Now that is truly an achievement worth celebrating!

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Guys, it's a trap.

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I was just thinking what it'd be like if General Ackbar was working in the 1960s on Madison Avenue. Calm. Cool. Collected. Still looking like a giant squid.

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