290 - Review: Natsukashi Game Boy Perfect Guide

I wrote a review on a product I bought from Tokyo Otaku Mode. I hope this shows up in Google searches more often. Not a worthwhile purchase.

11 top 10 lists based on genre and another insights on 47 more games does NOT equal a "rundown of 1,271" games. You don't even get a visual checklist of the 1,271 games (just a text list at the end of the book). The book is 128 pages.

While the quality is fine for an M.B.Mook style magazine book, the shop description was very deceiving. 

The first half with the top 10 lists is in color with screenshots and cartridge shots. The second half is in black and white with smaller blurbs, about 5 games per page. For what IS here is fine. I'm just missing the other 1,113 games!

Pretty disappointed overall.

2 out of 5 Stars

289 - Car Game Cards

One mechanic I enjoyed was in Wings of War. In one of the variants, maybe it was the Basic rules, players threw a bunch of chits into a container. When they were hit with bullets, the player would pull out chits to represent decreasing health. It thematically fit the idea that bullets from a plane were not accurate compared to a sniper rifle. So you just took damage and had the change to hit a critical component, like the engine or the propeller.

I borrowed that idea for my car game where you have a deck of 20 cards: 14 hull cards, 4 tire cards, and 2 engine cards. If 4 tire cards are revealed or 2 engine cards are revealed, the car is out and dead. I was also thinking if you somehow survive long enough to have 10 hull cards revealed, you add 1 driver card into the remaining deck of cards.

286 - Donations


My office is having a donation drive this week and I decided to participate. Turns out the children's book drive had way more donations than the others, which had none. The others were more about necessities like toiletries, hygiene products, underwear, etc. and I suppose a less "fun" thing to donate.

I just imagine being in a situation at a relief center of sorts and those groups helping out. Having these donations to actually hand out to folks who are there is important. Simple things like clean socks or soap are the simpler things that make you feel grateful to be safe. Hopefully these things help someone down the line. 

285 - More Honeycomb Cavern Games


Played two more games at lunch. 50 points! Highest score yet!

When I wrote up the rules yesterday, I realized I never used the "extra" ability from the jump ability. You can use jump after you see the roll. Once you do, however, you can use the result after you do the jump. This allows you to set yourself up in an advantageous way to both continue the game and grab some extra points! 

I sent the game design into Gamewright as a submission. I have a contact from a few years ago. Here's to hoping I get some good feedback!