Sadie Cat and Mao Visual Novel


Been toying with the idea of having Sadie Cat and Mao present their stories in a format like a visual novel or dialogue scene from video games. That would actually be a lot of work to switch it up between things like a messaging app, an old Lucasarts style game, or even a modern day visual novel game.

While I figure that out I’ve been writing down jokes/ideas so I’ll have things to put pen to paper without having to sit there, staring at a blank screen, and thinking, “what is a funny joke…”.

Projects Analogy to Food and Drink

I was thinking about it the other day and have figured out the main three projects I’m focusing on can be described as follows:

  • Circuit Board Square is like coffee. It appears daily and is consistent in what it is. I used Excel and a little know-how to produce all the puzzles. Posts are automated through Later and post to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It is what it is.

  • Shenbot Draws is like a piece of candy from a candy bowl. It’s a nice treat. Looks (tastes) nice and it’s nice to come into it now and then. You don’t need it to live, but it brightens up (hopefully) your day.

  • Sadie Cat and Mao is like a mystery stew. A lot of stuff goes into it and I’m toying with the recipe to this day. I don’t know who will like it it or order it off the menu at the end of the day. Will it be adults? Kids? Adults with kids? This is the hardest one to figure out and ultimately the most complicated.

Time to work on that soup.