019 - Color Patterns

Yesterday was a volunteer day at Oliver's preschool. I took up the activity tables. It was unusually quiet in that area for most of it, so I sat there and made these patterns on the egg-shaped color peg boards.

There is a definite sense of calm just following a pattern and repeating the same movements over and over. It's like those adult coloring books and paint-by-number things. Not a lot of thinking, just doing and at the end you have something that looks nice. We need more of that creative calm in our lives.

017 - ASWG: Dark Match Rules (v3)

This game is from 2016. The old rules were not great. Time to fix them.

1. Shuffle cards 1 - 9 and create the Draw deck.
2. Shuffle cards 10 - 13 and create the Spot deck.
3. Deal 5 cards to each player from the Draw deck.
4. Deal 2 cards to the center of the table from the Spot deck. This is the Spot Goal.

First player to win three Spots wins.

Youngest player goes first. They are the jobber, after all.

1. Action (one of the following)
    a. Attack: Play a valid card
    b. Pass: Discard
    c. Irish Whip: Change the color of the card.
2. Draw
    a. From Draw deck
    b. From Discard pile

First player may play any card from their hand into the Play deck.

A card is valid if adding the card to the sum of all Play deck cards does not exceed the Spot Goal and...
1. If it is the same color, it may be of any value.
2. If it is a different color, the value must be higher than the previous card played.

If a valid card cannot be played, the player must discard a card face up to the Discard pile.

Irish Whip:
If a player has at least two cards in their hand, they may perform an Irish Whip. To perform an Irish Whip, a player must play a card face down to the Play deck. The player must now play another card face up to the Play deck. Because the previous card was face down, any card counts as a valid card.

A player may draw the top card from the Draw deck or the top card from the Discard pile.

If a player plays a valid card and the sum of all cards played equals the Spot Goal, that player wins the Spot.

The winning player may keep up to 1 card. The losing player may keep up to 3 cards. Shuffle the remaining cards numbered 1 - 9 and deal a new hand of 5 cards to each player. Deal 2 new Spot cards to create a new Spot Goal. The player who won the last Spot chooses who goes first.

A player may not have more than 7 cards in their hand.

013 - Sadie Cat: Cook Out Test


Went through five games of Sadie Cat: Cook Out this afternoon. Some good changes to the rules to make it a bit more competitive.

  • If you have any unassigned dice at the end of the "Food Prep" phase, each one is worth -1 point.
  • You calculate the penalty prior to cooking the recipes.
  • 1 Time token can be used during "Food Prep" to move or discard up to any 5 dice. This includes moving ingredients from one recipe to another, discarding ingredients from a recipe, or discarding any unassigned dice.

What I noticed is that when you get down to the last 5-7 Time tokens, you start to really weigh your options. You have a handful of incomplete recipes, some that will take 3+ Time to cook, but you still have to spend 1 Time token to roll 5d6. You also don't want to lose points for wasted ingredients, so maybe you throw them away now.

It gets pretty push-your-luck and risk-management at the end there. I liked the feeling.

Somehow this game also plays a ton faster than Honeycomb Cavern. You get, like, 4-5 rolls total. Must be the 20 Time token limit. I may have to increase that.

012 - Star Wars RPG

A group of work colleagues and I play the Star Wars RPG (Edge of the Empire) every other week. I've missed a few sessions, but overall I think I've attended four or so? At about 2-3 hours a piece, that's over 10 hours of RPG fun.

It's definitely an interesting experience. I wonder how much of this stuff has been custom fit for us and how much has been pulled from existing Star Wars modules.

Regardless, hats off to the DM for making this a good time.

I'm the 4-LOM. Its name is Sadie.

011 - Sadie Cat: Cook Out Prototype Cards


Cut out 24 cards while Josie and I watched The Shape of Water. Good times. Looking forward to trying out the game this weekend!

Speaking of playing games, the family also played a few games of Zimbbos! It's a really simple dexterity game with solid wood game pieces.