113 - Forward Thinking/Planning Game


I'm wondering if I can make a business out of creating free print-and-play games that parents and teachers can use to teach young children (6 and under) the basic mechanics of hobby games. With Candyland, we all can learn about taking turns and roll-and-move. But how do we teaching forward thinking/planning? How do we teach perfect information? Deduction?

I can name prototypical games of each of those, but they aren't geared toward kiddos and some kiddo tailored games are a little pricey.

Something to put in the backlog of things to work on!

You may be asking: how can free be a business? Premium versions I suppose. Licensed for groups and schools? I don't know.

112 - Nintendo LABO

Spent the weekend working on the Nintendo LABO this weekend. We got through 3 of the models. It's a really fun project! They took quite some time to complete. I'd like to spend more time just discovering the "how it works", but that'll be at a later date. Just getting the toys constructed will be the most important part so the kids can go nuts.

The fishing one is particularly cool with how the rubber band fishing line mimics the pull of the lure and a potential fish. Very neat.

107 - Nikoli

I read a few older articles about the Japanese puzzle book/magazine publisher Nikoli. What made this a particularly interesting and inspirational read was the size of the quarterly magazine's operation as well as their mindset about sharing handcrafted puzzles to their small fervent base of fans.

It gave me a new way to approach future work with Sadie Cat and Mao.

I've given it some thought since reading the articles. I've completed two children's e-books and two games in the universe. I've got a young adult level story in progress, but what else is there? I was racking my brain all weekend to invent a new kind of logic puzzle and when I thought I had the perfect one, I found that it already exists.

But then my new considerations for the project is to start working on a zine that encapsulates stories, puzzles, illustrations, and all the things I want to create for the property. Maybe with enough dedication I can make it something for a niche audience to enjoy. Maybe I can pave my own Nikoli path.

Maybe! Wish me luck! Off to the thinking and planning room... which is basically my car during my commute in total silence.

Other Articles: Japan Times, Nikoli Website