Branding Exercise

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 1.11.40 PM.png

Working at a social media company, specifically around the areas of SMBs (small-medium businesses), has made me think about the different brands that I’m in charge of with regards to my creative endeavors. The reason this is important is that each of these brands have different audiences and the content and goods that I share with those audiences should resonate with them.

I think I will start adding all of my art into the Shenbot Draws brand. It only makes sense. While the digital paintings were the things that got me started, it really should be a reflection of all the artwork that I do.

Sadie Cat & Mao has slowly turned into my comic and stories efforts. It makes more sense to tackle it this way as the comics themselves seem to resonate with the audiences better (i.e. higher like and comment counts).

Personal IG & Twitter is still reserved for “those interested in Alexander Shen, the man, the myth, the average dad”.

I realized that I don’t really have a brand for my games. I used to have Shen Games, but that sort of went away. I do have some products that live here (e.g. Circuit Board Square, Word March, anything on, but no real brand. It would be wise of me to figure out this space as I have a few game ideas and game accessory ideas coming in soon.

While some may think this is overkill and overthink of a following of ~5,000 people across all my brands, I think it will allow me to better target and prioritize the types of things I share with folks. It’s important to do things you love for yourself, but I do firmly believe it’s also important to share the things you love with people. And if you can spark joy with those people, namely because you targeted correctly, that’s a worthwhile endeavor.

Whose Room?


I need to revise this room. The bottom wall should be just as tall as the one in the back. Also thinking by raising the wall in the front (bottom) I will have to do one of those cutaways so you can see what’s behind it.

To use this in a game, that front wall will have to be a completely separate object and always in the foreground. Mostly everything else can be background.