Project Paku

Should Be: Sleeping.
Listening to: Ray Charles w/Van Morrison - Crazy Love

So this is the new project that I am working on. It's essentially what you call the "mother lode" project. I am attempting the quest to create and illustrate a complete card game with all the cards (100 cards for the first series).

As far as the game mechanic goes: think of a fancy version of Janken (that's rock-paper-scissors).

That pink spot is where the main card illustrations will be.

The interesting part of the game will be how cards get released and distributed. Essentially, if you have the ID # of the card, you can gain access to the "official" image on the internet and print it out for use. What about people sharing the ID #'s and not getting them themselves? I say it's all about sharing anyway. Make friends, foster that community.

I have started a very, very basic blog over at Project Paku. Keep them eyes peeled.

E-mail me if you'd like to be on the mailing list for play testing.