Project Paku Update - Boomer

Listening to: Across the Universe - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Here is the first card for my card game project: Project Paku!

This is a character card. Players, in a normal one-on-one battle, choose a character card from the many available. This is Boomer and she is part of the Fighting Clan.

The top-right number is the number of hit points the character has. When the number reaches zero, the player becomes defeated.

The star icon displays the Ability Points the character has. Ability Points allow a player to attach Equipment Cards. Each Equipment Card has a cost. As long as the sum of the cost of all Equipment Cards do not exceed the player's Ability Points, you're good to go.

Each hand icon represents the Head Damage, Fist Damage and Kick Damage connected with that character. This determines how much damage is done if your attack is successful. All of these attack attributes are grouped as Attack Damage.

The Spirit Power is unique to each character. When you have enough Spirit Counters, which are obtained by Successful Attacks, you can use the Spirit Power.

This will all make sense with the full rule set.

I am now 1% done with my project. Exciting!

In other news, the below image is a preliminary colored piece that I'm working on that will be in the next issue of Hyphen Magazine.