Big Trouble in Little China

Listening to: Janet Jackson feat. Blackstreet - I Get Lonely (remix)

Good evening everyone!

I caught the movie Big Trouble in Little China today during dinner. I had purchased the DVD last year and never got a chance to watch it. It was one of those "price too low to pass" purchases... much like the Sesame Street Presents - Follow That Bird I got at Target today (it cost less than my lunch today).

I have to say that as a "cult classic" that it's a pretty decent movie. I also can see how exotified the whole Chinese thing was during the time it was created (early 80's). I almost feel that someone needs to make a modern day satire where instead of it taking place in Chinatown, it takes place in some super white town in the mid-west. So it would be a Chinese hero helping out the folks in Idaho or something.

Big Trouble in Little Nebraska or something.

Anyway, the picture is a quick one I drew of Lo Pan, who is played by the legendary James Hong. You know, James Hong.