Happy Turkey Day 2007!

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Happy Turkey Day everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great and safe holiday (even to those blokes who aren't here in America, I hope you're enjoying your week)!

To commemorate the event and holiday, I decided to make a game called Turkey Trot 2007. It's basically a SmashTV clone, aka top-down shooter. The story is that you are Thomas the Turkey, a genetically engineered turkey to create plumper meat for the holidays, and a recent escapee from a major corporation's facility. You have gotten access to an automatic shotgun and Thanksgiving hat and will avenge your turkey brothers and sisters.

Try to get a high score!

My top score is 150.

Oh, and it's a PC only game (sorry Mac users!) and it's a RAR file (sorry WinZip users!).

Download Link: Click Here