Here Begins ver7

Listening to: Robin Thicke - Lost Without U

That's right! The blog has returned a seventh time. I decided to go back to a style that I'm more comfortable with. It represents my love for things simple, compact and efficient. I apologize if you have one of those widescreen monitors and have your browser open at its maximum size... you know, because you just have a lot of "sides of nothing".

I think this page would look great on the Nintendo Wii. I should check.

I'm slowly properly migrating the other portions of the site as well and will be my week-long project: gallery, music and about pages.

I spent most of my Sunday cleaning my room and the bathroom, scrubbing like I was trying to reveal that my bathtub was actually made out of gold.

I'm not sure if I've shared this comic link with anyone yet, but I really enjoy Daniel Spottswood's Disquetville. Go and check it out!

A sample of Disquetville