The Wood Tree

Listening to: Usher - Throwback

This is the Wood Tree. I thought it would be interesting to start putting small cubes together to make the "foliage" part of the tree. I think it'd make more sense if I painted it. For now, with my fingers being raw as Eddie Murphy, I'm going to take a break from wood working.

Here are a few incomplete Woodbot Walkers staring at the fallen tower. You know, honestly, I think they look pretty cute without arms and legs. We'll see what I ultimately decide on.

This is the most recent Kick Face Design assignment (decided by Mr. Hu). It's basically, what he called in the e-mail, "photo-typography". It was pretty interesting to scour the house for things that could look like the letters I needed.

I'd also just like to mention Mr. Myland and how cool he is. Done and done.