Strange energy surge...

Listening to: Gavin DeGraw - More Than Anyone

I seem to have gotten this strange surge of energy. It must be the 1600mg of sodium I had today in one sitting. I could sure go for a cup of orange juice right now.

This was another vector piece I had meant to do last year (it was part of the batch) and decided, since I have this strange unfounded energy, to do it.

This is a piece I did as a birthday gift for Josie's good friend. Since I don't know her very well, and taking the advice of Josie, I decided to just do a little artwork that was personal and had some kind of meaning.

This is the most recent Kick Face Design assignment. Bruce came up with the idea to do maps and this is what I came up with. We were supposed to avoid the regular "point A to point B" types of maps and go for something different.