Art Poop

Listening to: Brian McKnight - Get Over You

I went camping this past weekend with Josie and her friends. I had a great time. We went to some campsite over in Boulder Creek called Big Basin. I partook in a 12 mile hike that Saturday. I felt fine the whole day. The next morning, however, I couldn't feel my legs.

I had no idea what Josie was talking about. I proceeded to ask her questions and try to get an assessment of the idea. I trying to find out if the bear would have to carry the shark onto land thusly the shark would be less effective out of the water and vice versa. She kept saying, "No. They attack together," and purposely not considering my questions or statements.

I tried to wrap my head around the idea and explain it in terms of reality. I guess she just doesn't find as much entertainment in making fictional things possible in real life. I felt that if I could justify or figure out the elements on making this "bear-shark" feasible, it'd make for an amazing ally.

She wouldn't have it. No, sir. She wouldn't have it. "No, they attack together."

The Bear-Shark