Boulder Run

Listening to: Diana Krall - Fly Me To The Moon

Here is the first screenshot of my first Binder Paper Games arcade/casual game, Boulder Run!

You are an archeologist that has stumbled upon the Great Monkey Idol. Being greedy, you've decided to "take it to display in front of modern civilization". By doing so, you have triggered a booby trap of unending rolling boulders and endless pits. Your goal? Survive as long as possible and maybe you'll escape... but probably not.

All I have functioning at this point in time are the boulder shooters and rolling boulders. They are destroyed when they reach the spikes or when they run into each other.

The game will have you running around, staying alive as long as possible. With each boulder that is destroyed, more boulders begin to come out. Holes also appear on the map where you can fall in and die. If rocks fall into the holes, that spot because blocked and you can no longer move through that passageway.

You have random powerups that appear that will allow you to destroy a boulder or two, but nothing that will keep you from your untimely demise.

That's what you get for trying to steal a golden monkey statue!

Keep your eyes peeled for more information!