Photoshop Wednesday

Listening to: Robin Thicke - Magic

So I'm just sitting here at lunch, staring at the computer, surfing internet pages and I come across this picture of Obama with his daughter on a bumper cars ride. It's a really nice photo and it really looks like they're having fun. So, in the same spirit of things, I decided to have some fun too.

This one was the extremely obvious choice to Photoshop. I mean, seriously, it's Obama Kart. You know why he's going to win? Change. That's why.

Nickelback is the greatest band in the world. Liz Lemon's ex-boyfriend enjoys Nickelback. I enjoy Nickelback. Presidential candidate Barack Obama also enjoys Nickelback. I mean have you heard their new song Gotta Be Somebody? This is like U2 on steroids. I would give my left testicle to be in one of their music videos. You cannot spell "music" without "Nickelback"... and if you try, you're a Communist.

Here are some of the other ones I found on the internet that I thought I would share with you because they made me laugh and shake my belly, like a bowl full of crickets.

And finally, I purchased a SIGG stainless steel water bottle the other day and decked it out with TANKMEN stickers. TANKMEN is one of the greatest Flash cartoons I have ever seen and I became a fanboy instantly, purchasing an urban vinyl statue and stickers to go in my Lisa Frank Sticker Book. You gotta have it!