Uber Mobile Headset

Listening to: Josie cursing my sewing machine.

On the way home from work today I heard this woman talking on her mobile phone at a decibel level very similar to a yappy socialite from Los Angeles. The craziest thing about it was the hands-free headset that she was using.

She wasn't using a cool Bluetooth headset that all of us hip kids are using. She was using this gigantic headset that looked like one of those free headsets you get from a Dell computer starter kit from Costco. It had giant headphone pieces that completely covered her ears and this microphone arm that jutted out from the right headphone and reached around to her mouth. I'd bet my bottom dollar that the plug that went into the phone was split into two, one light green (speaker) and one pink (microphone), which was actually made for the color coded back of that discount PC bundle.

She looked like she belonged in a fighter jet, commanding Goose to take the point and listening to "Highway to the Danger Zone". That or sitting next to John Madden, giving the play-by-play for that Thanksgiving football game where John Madden reveals his six-legged turkey as punishment for the MVPs of the game.

Seeing her technological prowess made me feel uncomfortably inadequate with my much smaller, lighter, lacking girth, hands-free headset.