Busy Weekend - My Back Aches (Part II)

Listening to: Gym Class Heroes - Cookie Jar

I decided to split this post into two parts. The first part is the post below and the second is, well, this post here.

I remember seeing this post about this art exhibit in Japan called "My Famicase Exhibition 2008". It was essentially artists creating faux labels for Famicom game cases and having these cases mounted to a wall, displayed and drooled over by video game/art enthusiasts alike.

I decided to take the same concept, but approached it a little differently. I'll still be working on faux labels for games, but I wanted to try my hand at painting. So in this case, I purchased some cheap NES cartridges, took out the guts, primed the case and painted on it.

My first piece is a gorilla. Let's call him Donkey Kong.