Slow Walkers

Should Be: In bed.

On the way to the station today, I was stuck behind a woman pushing a baby stroller. I dislike it when someone decides to walk in the middle of the sidewalk and leaves no room on either side for faster walkers. I mean, the sidewalk is supposed to be analogous to the road when in a motor vehicle, right? You have different lanes and drivers of different speeds use those different lanes.

Anyway, I wasn't agitated. I still had a good amount of time before the train was going to leave and the woman was pushing a baby stroller. I decided to step into the street and mosey on around her.

I turned back to see, as I'm always curious, what the baby looked like. Babies, in my past experiences of walking by them, are usually terribly ugly. It's like someone sat on their face for days. Months, even. To my utter vomit-through-my-nose disgust, the baby stroller did not have a baby in it. In the seat of the baby stroller was a rolled up fleece throw blanket. A leopard print fleece throw blanket. It's the kind that you buy at a car wash that also sells cassette tapes of Europe or Journey.

I quickly walked off and thought about the post that I would write regarding this event in question. You're reading it now. It's like time travel!

While you're here, check out a video I saw today that made me cry with laughter. Someone dubbed a new guitar track on an Eric Clapton performance. He shreds so hard.