The World Needs More Monkeys

Listening to: Sara Bareilles - Gravity

The world needs more pictures of monkeys. That is why I drew this picture. I also felt that my blog needed an update of some sort.

I am currently working on an Interactive Fiction (IF) game for the TIGSource Commonplace Book Competition. We're not doing it to win anything, outside of some bragging rights, but rather take part in something with the indie community who is so hellbent on creating games for the sake of creating games.

Now I feel a rant coming on...

We're hobbyists and we're doing it because it's fun, darn it. Some have found their niches and whatnot and have been able to make some money doing so, but it's really all about doing it because we love to make games and play them. It's a pure reason, and I like that about the community.

Then again, I feel that the downloadable game space differs very much from the online Flash game space. Our audience is already captivated enough to download the file for a go and we feel that we owe them something more than your, for example, standard "maze game". The downloadable game space audience is more focused, seeking something worth a lunch break and hard disk space. Expectations run different. This isn't to say that great Flash games don't exist, as they clearly do, but we just see such a larger percentage of poop.

Perhaps it's the ease of use of the tool. Maybe it's the ad revenue sharing opportunities available and the allure of "making it big" with the next 10-second time waster. Who knows? Maybe if we had the latter for the downloadable game space, we'd see an influx in the downloadable equivalents of Flash "jigsaw puzzles" and "dressup" games. [giant shrug]

*sigh*...I wonder what Hannah Montana's doing right now.