Vector Relaxing

Listening to: Matt Wertz - The Day Forever Died

I took a little break while working on one of the final pages for the Secret Identities comic anthology by relaxing on the curves of a nice vector drawing.

I also made some good headway on my IF game on the train. I'm considering printing out all of the manuals that come with the TADS 3 development environment, but I really don't have the ink or paper to do so (it'd be like 400+ pages worth of text). I also feel bad doing it at work since they only have this Brother fax/scanner/printer thing. I suppose I'll find someplace to do it.

If anyone knows of a cheap place to print out an entire PDF file, please let me know. Worse comes to worse, I'll upload it as a private document to or something and print out individual copies for myself.

Anyway, I'm going to do some drawing for my secret comic project and go to bed.