$2.00 Churro

Listening to: Something playing on Josie's computer.

When I was on my way to the bank this past Friday, I passed by a woman selling churros on the corner of New Montgomery and Mission. I felt that it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Unfortunately, I came up with this conclusion after I had already traversed two blocks past her. I decided that if she was still there on my return trip, I would definitely buy one. Sure enough, she was still there 15 minutes later and I became the new owner of a slightly warm churro in a brown paper bag.

Street vendors are the kinds of things you only see in more urban city environments, like San Francisco, New York and even sometimes in Berkeley. The only vendor I've ever seen in San Jose had a hot dog cart called "All-Star Hot Dogs" outside of a Fry's Electronics.

Edit: Josie has reminded me that we have men who push around tiny carts with bells who sell questionable tortilla chips. The carts are the poor man's Ice Cream vehicle of choice (no truck with music, just a cart with bells and fruit flavored ones only).

I had the opportunity to try the Left 4 Dead demo this weekend as well. It was two missions of blood rushing, zombie killing, 4-player co-op action. It was one of the most satisfying and terrifying experiences I have ever witnessed on the console and I've played the Yaris game on the 360 (a travesty in advergaming)! It was a great combination of team work, sharp shooting and just being careful about your surroundings. I'll definitely have to pick it up one of these days.

I'm sure you'll also notice that I've put some ads around the website. I decided that if I start now, it's better than never. I mean, honestly, the goal is to be able to make all of these sites self sustainable, right? The only way to do it? Friends and family clicking on those links and watching the really cool video ads about Naruto Ultimate Ninja: Storm or Scrubs: The Complete Seventh Season. We have to turn Mr. Shen into a gentleman by nightfall or he'll forever be stuck as the stepsister who's really good at cleaning toilets. Oh, and he talks to mice too.

Well, time to go work on some more freelance gigs and my IF game. Good day!