Sleep - New Interactive Fiction Game

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So, I'm finally done with my first Interactive Fiction game. The game is called "Sleep" and it is based off an entry from HP Lovecraft's Commonplace Book, which is essentially a diary/notebook full of ideas and random thoughts from the literary genius.

"The man who would not sleep-dares not sleep-takes drugs to keep himself awake. Finally falls asleep-and something happens."

The game is pretty short. You could probably beat it in five or so minutes. There's five points to score (you earn points by doing certain things in the game). You'll very likely get the first three points with the last two involving some extra exploring of the world.

This was more of an experiment to test out my creative writing chops and try a completely new game style.

The game that got me interested in the genre again was Gun Mute. Go play it. Seriously. You should be reading more anyway. Comics and manga don't count.

...sort of.

The game is for Windows only. I'm trying to figure out how to get the MAC OS interpreter up and running.

Download: Sleep (0.9MB)