Hey, I like toys.

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I finally found the time to open my Figma figures that I purchased a little while ago. I'm quite a fan of the Lucky Star anime and found it fun to pose them. To be honest, I enjoy these figures made by Max Factory/Good Smile more than the Revoltech figures. These figures seem to be softer and more sturdy, as if they're actually filled with a strong material. The Revoltech figures feel like cheap plastic and I'm always afraid I'm going to break a joint when I'm trying to move them around.

They also, geniuses as they are, include plastic bags with each figure. This lets you store all the extra pieces (they often come with an extra face and hands) in a convenient and accessible place. I don't have to put them all back in the box now.

Anyway, that's all I had worth posting tonight. Here's a few more photos. I'll probably have an art update soon.