Oh my! That's flattering.

Listening to: Nothing.

A forum poster over at the Mochi Ads forums made a post and called me a legend. I haven't been called a legend since that time I saved post-apocalyptic New York from a cancerous zombie virus. In any case, it's pretty flattering. They were specifically referring to this comic strip regarding my bleak take on the current state of the Flash games industry and their disgustingly grubby hands (not all, some).

In other news, I've tried my hands at some Threadless designs again. I know I could go the route of a Shirtcity or something, but the prize money and bragging rights are a little too enticing for an "attention whore" like me. If they get "Blam'd" out the door, I'll then go the indie route and try to hock my wares through this site here. Maybe Notcot.org will deem something of mine worth posting again.

Anyhow, here are the shirts. As of this post, they aren't available for voting just yet. You can, however, click on the links to be taken to their proper landing pages.

"Cock of the Wok"

"The Letter 'Pirate'"