Post APE 2008

Listening to: The quiet night.

So, another Alternative Press Expo has come and gone. It was another great experience that was filled with wonderful artists, friends and supporters of the independent print scene (comics, prints, shirts, etc.). I'd like to thank Josie, Brad and Shannon McLelland (they got married this past Friday!), Rishi, Derek, Tom, Amy, Kenneth and a handful of my coworkers (Jameson, Margo and Bob) for coming out and spending some time at table #432.

At the end of the two day show, I was able to score enough of other people's hard earned money to pay for the booth and a little extra to purchase a few things like comics, a print (for Josie) and some food. I thought I'd showcase a few of the things I got as they are now forever in my collection of rat-pack-stuff. Feel free to grow midori with envy as I reveal the pieces of treasure that have now come into my filthy grasp.

A sketch of Misty in my copy of Cat Getting Out of a Bag and Other Observations by Jeffrey Brown

A sketch in my copy of Further Grickle by Graham Annabele.

A sketch of me in my copy of Disquietville: Volume 2 by Daniel Spottswood

A sketch of a ghost in my copy of Thingpart Collection #6 by Joey Allison Sayers.

My copy of Sam & Max Hit the Road (circa 1993) signed by artist and writer Steve Purcell.

Now that the clocks have been turned back one hour and I'm tired within every single bone in my body, I look forward to a brand new week of my nine-to-five and constant struggles with getting as much done as I can within a 24 hour day.

Good night everyone!