It's that feeling!

The Train: Is pulling into the station.

So has a sale on these Ape Escape memory cards for the PS2. To be honest, the last game I played on the PS2 was Yakuza 2 and I'm not even done with it (Fable 2 kind of took over). Why would I want this? Why, because I just do. I could then save my games in simian style, folks.

In other news, pertaining more to the world of comicking and whatnot, I am working on a new work called Robot in the City. The domain's been registered and I've started on the first few strips. Though each strip can be standalone, they are all part of a bigger story that shows the progression of Toby, the robot, learning about the world.

Whenever I finish a show like APE, I find myself wanting to throw it all into the wind and try to make a career out of drawing. Then the Chinese part of me floods my eyesight and I'm back to Earth, head far from the clouds.

And in a small snippet of internet hilarity/idiocy, someone called me a "noob" after taking off 50% of their health. They can eat a B.O.D. with a spoon. I abhor teenagers like they hate their parents.