It's what I do.

Listening to: The train screech its way through the night.

One of my duties at work is to go through the Approval Queue of our Flash games list. This basically involves playing the game to make sure all ad placements/loading sections are in order (you can't have other sounds playing, you can't cover the ad, etc.). If they are, they get approved and hopefully they make gabillions of dollars off of their games. For the most part, like your favorite local band who only plays at the bar down by the bus station, it just doesn't happen.

One of the genres of games that I'm always lucky to get to play and rate (our internal rating system) are these dress-up games. Essentially they are like those paper dress-up dolls, but in a new digital format. Sometimes the clothing snaps to the character model, sometimes it doesn't. I prefer the former, but when it's the latter, I like to put earrings and necklaces where they shouldn't be.

I also always end up making sure they're wearing as little as possible and click on the "next" or "finish" button to see them in their "totally awesome surroundings". In this case, the "next" button brought our model to her date at the cafe. I bet "Pretty Angeline" here wasn't expecting an Asian to be her date for this evening! Oh, how much fun our night will be with my old high school calculus book!

In other news...

I am almost done with my new game: Jimmy. The full title is actually Jimmy: The Stars Are Falling And I Must Have Them All. It's a small mini-game that teaches the lesson that greed is bad and insatiable. Greed will destroy you. In this story, Jimmy wants to collect all the stars he sees in the sky... especially the big one at the end.

I'll probably have it posted by tomorrow. I have to right the tunes for it and then I'll be done. PC downloadable only. Sorry. Don't throw your stinky shoes at me you Mac users.