Thanksgiving Vacation

Listening to: Kanye West - Amazing

This Thanksgiving Weekend has been an incredible vacation full of movie watching, craft making, song writing, video game playing and making Thanksgiving dinner for my parents. I even had the opportunity to see some old friends who came back to visit, not to mention Brad and Shannon over in the 'Meda. All in all, it was a really rewarding vacation and I actually got a lot done outside of eating.

Some highlights from this break include the following:
- I created a Victory Box (pictures and video to be uploaded soon). What it basically is is this small tin box (Altoids tin) that has a button on top. When you press the button, it plays the chorus of Joe Esposito's "You're The Best Around". It was probably my most ambitious soldering project as the parts to solder were considerably small compared to the other things I've done. If I messed up, I would have permanently closed the circuit and wasted my $10 on the 9V Recording Module.

- I avoided the Black Friday mobs this year. There just wasn't anything that caught my eye in this year's mad rush to save money on consumer items. I ended up going to Joann's early in the morning to pick up some embroidery floss. There were like twelve people in the store. Josie and I got to Target at around 11:30am. I ended up buying a cleaning disk for the toilet. What a bargain!

- Anime News Network recently put up an interview about me in their column space, "The Gallery". I met Evan Miller, the writer of the article, over at APE this year and we got to talking. Go ahead and give it a read if you'd like. You can get to it by hitting this link here. Thanks Evan! Thanks Anime News Network!

- My designs are now up over at! You can vote on it by clicking here and here (or you can click on the pictures below). The greatest thing about this is that the comments have been relatively positive and I haven't been kicked out of the race yet! If you have an account, I'd really appreciate it if you went out to vote.

Someone commented and said the following about the Pirate "R" shirt: "This has GOT to have been done at this stage in t-shirt history, hasn't it?" I must admit, I would've thought so as well. But to my recollection and other t-shirt connoisseurs, we haven't seen this bad boy floating around in the market. Go figure.

So winds up another vacation and back to the daily nine-to-six grindstone tomorrow. Good night everyone and have a great Sunday!


"Cock of the Wok"

"The Letter 'Pirate'"