Look Out! A new game.

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This is a screenshot of a new game that I'm working on called Look Out!. The gameplay is a very standard top-down shooter (a la Smash TV), but it's the premise that will hopefully set the game apart.

You are a soldier of the World Government. You are patrolling the skies, via helicopter, for recent alien invaders. You, being the genius that you are, accidentally slip and fall out of the helicopter. Falling from a reasonable height, you land on your Riot Gun and break it. It sets itself on Auto Fire. You are in the middle of a very busy crosswalk. You must avoid hitting as many people as possible and hope your ammunition runs out soon.

A coworker of mine will be working on the Flash version of this (he's the talented gentleman behind Crazy Go Nuts). It should be a fun project. I've never attempted an indie creation via team effort, so it'll be nice to get to focus on graphics and design (as opposed as throwing the programming effort into the mix).