Diorama fever!

Listening to: Try-Tone - Change The World

This is my entry for Kotaku's Arcade Mania diorama contest. Basically you have to create a diorama based on an arcade theme. Three winners will be chosen and will win a copy of Arcade Mania: The Turbo-charged World of Japan's Game Centers. The deadline is this coming Friday. I hope that I am chosen to win one of the copies of it since, well, I like free things and have this unquenchable thirst for Japanese arcade news (our UFO catcher machines, for example, are paltry in comparison).

Josie and I had our share of wine tonight. I think I had somewhere in the ballpark of four glasses. You know what happens when your inhibitions fly out the window? I try to get free HBO.

I don't even have a cable running into the TV.

Josie, apparently, tends to draw pictures for me.

Edit: Kotaku.com has posted the contest entry on the website! I'm beaming. It's like when mom used to put my drawings on the refrigerator back when I was 17. Oh, the crayons and colors I used! I didn't need to color within the lines 'cause I was an artist. More importantly, special.