Dr. Pepper - Ultimate Punisher

Listening to: Vince Guaraldi Trio - Pitkin County Blues

I had quite the experience this past weekend with the oils of a delicious jalapeno pepper. Let's see if I can tell the story accurately. So, Josie and I had prepared some spinach dip, from scratch, in the afternoon. This recipe included seeding and chopping up two jalapeno peppers. I was the one lucky enough to do so. I've done my fair share of cutting and seeding these peppers, so I wasn't a complete greenhorn to the process.

Later in the afternoon, while we waited for the dip to cook in the slow cooker, we watched the movie Get Smart. Something flew into my eye so I instinctively rubbed it. I rubbed it with my fingers. Ones that had seeded jalapeno peppers. Ones that hadn't been washed since the seeding.

At first, I was confused. My eye just continued to get more irritated as I rubbed it. Unsure of the reason, I decided to rub it some more. Then after a few moments, it dawned on me and I stopped rubbing. I wanted to keep my eye open so the tears could wash away the unwanted oils. It turns out that my tears just aided in spreading the oils to every conceivable portion of my eyeball. I could no longer open my eye because it was on fire. The tears running down my face were napalm. The snot dripping from my nose was scolding hot lava. My entire right side of the face felt like it was melting off a la Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I asked for help and Josie assisted me like the wonderful person that she is.

She bent me over the sink and started pouring milk into my eye. Actually, it was Lactaid. In any case, you're not supposed to use water. It supposedly spreads the oils. The milk is supposed to do something else. As she continued to pour milk into my eye, not an exact science as she mentioned, I couldn't help but think that this was what it was like to be maced in the eyes. Then I started fearing that I would lose my eyesight. After a few rinses, my eye was able to stay open and I was able to view the world in all of its unbalanced, blurry, and oily glory.

Shortly thereafter, I found my way to the shower and just rinsed off. The water stung my face, but I knew that I needed to wash all this stuff away. I used soaps, creams and whatever else I could find in the shower.

I learned a very valuable lesson about washing hands after coming into contact with fire disguised in the form of vegetables.

In other news, the robot plush I'm getting created for Robot in the City is coming along nicely. Josie and I played some Wii Boxing as well and all I have to say is that she's got a mean right hook. And, finally, here is a photo of Mr. Peterson I took today.