Back from Atlanta

Listening to: Josie watching Dead Like Me.

I recently took a trip to Atlanta, Georgia to visit my brother, his wife and new baby girl. It was quite the trip and I'm currently trying to piece together a short film about the the trip. Actually, it's more so piecing together a short film about the trip to the aquarium in Atlanta. The family visiting part was pretty standard: visit the home, hang around the house, play with the baby, eat and sleep.

I'll try to get that up later this week.

In the meantime, I've attached a few drawings (above and below) that I made while sitting on my flight to Atlanta.

After seeing this, I started to think about the other Dukes that have made an impact on our lives. You should think about these Dukes and be thankful for the lessons they have taught us about bravery, courage and calico cats.

Duke from G.I. Joe

Duke Nukem from the Duke Nukem series

Duke Phillips from The Critic

Duke Collegiate Basketball