Batman (Joker's Love Song)

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I wrote a song this Sunday about Batman's need to have a villain like The Joker around to make his crime fighting lifestyle worth while. I guess it just came shooting to my brain, like lightning, because I was reminded that The Dark Knight comes out this week on DVD.

It's a shame that Heath Ledger passed away, but I feel that The Dark Knight is a great "last film". It's a lot better than Raul Julia's last film. Shame.

That's me laughing and doing the voice. I sang most of the song with my fists in my pockets and really smirky/pursed lips.

Batman (Joker's Love Song)
I look out my window
It's another dark night
I look out my window
I see your holy light
Now, who are you chasing?
Well, I wish it were me
Because you're the only one
That makes me complete

Batman, Batman
Where would you be without me?
Batman, Batman
You created me

We're not that different
We're just out there to serve
You think that I don't know justice
You know, it's what people deserve
Now, who are you kidding?
You wish that was me
A criminal mastermind
Not another thug or creep


Who are you
Just like me
Another outcast of society