Listening to: Heavy sighing.

I've had the worst experience with UPS for the past few days. It isn't regarding the holiday rush either. It's just the ineptitude of the staff across that past four days (well, unless you don't count the weekend when the shipping center is closed to the world).

I've been waiting since last Wednesday, the 3rd, for a relatively large package from our lovely neighborhood online retailer, Since it's larger than most of the packages I receive and costs over the average $59.99 video game price, it's something that would require a signature. Since both Josie and I are often never home to receive the package, they left me three notices for attempted deliveries.

I expected this.

On Friday night, with the "Final Delivery Attempt" notice, I log onto the website and request that my package be held at the shipping facility for Will Call Pickup.

I go to pick up my package on Saturday. The facility is closed. It's closed all weekend. I guess I should have checked the hours online. My fault. I decide to return back on Monday, the 8th, at 9:00am to pick up my package. In order to do this, I have to go to work later than I normally do.

When I wake up this morning and head over to the shipping facility, I find myself in a slow line of other "friendly faces" who are there to also pick up their packages from Will Call. It's like our own special club. It's soon my turn next and I give my notices to the woman behind the counter accompanied with my driver's license.

My package isn't there.

Woman: Your package isn't here. Did you request it to put here for Will Call?
Me: Yes, I did it on the internet.
Woman: Well, when did you do it? (you can tell by her voice that she thinks I did it Monday morning)
Me: Friday.
Woman: Oh. Ah, I see. It says that the package was left on your doorstep.
Me: No, only one of them was. The notice says there's two packages associated to that tracking number. The smaller one of the two was left.
Woman: Oh. Ah, I see. The driver forgot to take it off the truck.
Me: So, what does that mean?
Woman: He can redeliver it today or you can pick it up at nine.
Me: Nine? Like... tomorrow?
Woman: No. Nine PM. [sigh] We're doing special Christmas hours. I can make an appointment for you.
Me: Since no one will be home, let's schedule for 9:00pm.

Turns out I didn't have to go into work late at all today.

On an even crappier note, a woman on the train to work got her phone stolen in front of her. It made me feel real "poopy" all day. It hasn't been the most pleasant of days.

I eventually got the package. It wasn't nearly as exciting as I had hoped it would be.

To cheer myself up, I superimposed my cartoon head onto Steve Urkel's body so I could share a moment with Carl Winslow from Family Matters.