Growing Up Chinese

Listening to: That Guy Alex - Growing Up Chinese

You got to get good grades
The only thing that should be there are straight A's
Don't even think about the B's or C's or D's
'cause then your dad will go and break your knees
And make you study your SATs
While you're at the hospital healing
And while you're there he'll probably ask you to ask the doctor for an internship so you can put it on your college applications that are due in three years

If you were six years old
You probably could piano with your eyes closed
And don't expect to see me at the pool
'cause Saturday I'm at Chinese school
Six days of school
"Don't you think that's cool?" they say
Can I impress a girl with that line?
No, you won't be dating until you're 25!

Growing up Chinese
Growing up Chinese

The worst thing you can say
Is to tell your dad that you are gay
Or want to be an artist

Growing up Chinese
Growing up Chinese

You probably got that drawer full of pens that don't work
But you never throw them out
Or that drawer full of ketchup you stole from McDonald's
And those napkins too