Happy Valentine's 2008

Listening to: The Real Group - For the One I Love

I created an animated/interactive Valentine's Card for Josie this year. It took some time because I had to employ a few tricks to get it to do what I wanted, namely fade the background to show the progress of the day. The above strip is the six frames of animation I drew for her running cycle.

This is the actual strip in an animated form. It was a bit difficult to make sure things looked right enough. I'm no animator nor have I received any training in the field, but I think it looks all right.

Below you'll find the images I drew and colored for the "cut scenes" of the card. The story is essentially a normal day goes by and I get captured by a giant purple demon. Then Josie has to run for an entire day, following my heart, to find and rescue me.

I'll upload it in the games section soon.

"Oh, Alex! What are going to do with you?"