New Game - Bomb Blast 4

Listening to: Stone Temple Pilots - Plush

I just finished my newest game called Bomb Blast 4. The game is a very simple puzzle game that is easy to pick up, but difficult to master. The basic concept is essentially you click on tiles and make the counters go down. When the counter reaches zero, it explodes and shoots fire in all four directions. If that fire hits another bomb tile, that tile's counter also goes down. Use that to create chain combos and get the highest score possible!

You can check out the game page (screenshots and download) by clicking these words here.

If you want to stream the game, you can go to the terribly slow Yoyo Games website by clicking on these words here.

Yes, I know it's late. I just needed to get this done.

I've got two games lined up and in the works. One is a small game for Valentine's Day and the other a new puzzle game about drilling for ore. I'll keep y'all posted!